Picture this:  
Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel at peace with what you see.  
Buying groceries with the confidence that are making choices that you’ll actually enjoy and feel good about.  
Enjoying exercise and not feeling like you have to move your body a certain way for a certain amount of time. 
Not tying your self worth to a scale or pants size.  
Never counting calories or macros.
Actually making time for yourself each day to unwind, de-stress and focus on you.

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Are you tired of thinking every new diet will be the one to finally work for you?

Have you been feeling disconnected from your post-babies body?

Are you tired of counting calories and judging your self worth by the numbers on a scale?

Do you dread trying on clothes or getting dressed for a social event because you’re unhappy with your body?


Do you wake up tired (even if you slept 8 hrs) and rely on caffeine to get you going every morning?

Do you often feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating?

Do you associate exercise only with burning off what you ate or trying to change your appearance?

Do you feel like your cravings are out of control and that you need more “willpower”?

Are you ready to try something different?

To eat in a way that makes you feel nourished, energized and HAPPY?

To intuitively know what is and what isn’t right for your unique body?

To eat the foods you want without guilt or shame?

To love what you see in the mirror?

If so…this is for you.

My programs/courses are for millennial mamas who want to feel at home in their bodies, not stuck in the diet culture loop of gaining and re-gaining weight and never feeling content.

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Current Programs


Body Talk – Mini Course 

Mini course that will teach you how to listen to your body so you can finally
stop dieting


  • 4 content-packed videos covering the four pillars of listening to your body
  • 1 printable workbook you can use to follow along with the video trainings
  • Lifetime access to the course including any updates
  • BONUS audio on cravings + 8 Common Causes of Cravings ebook

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Body Love – Mini Course

Body Love will heal the relationship you have with your body weight + size so that you can feel confident and carefree in the body you’re in.


Body Love consists of 4 pillars:

1. Body neutrality
2. Body respect
3. Diet culture
4. Nourishment
plus bonuses like Body Image Social Media Guide, Body Love Affirmations and Body Love Recommendations.

Body Love workbook  (Value: $25)
5 content packed ebooks (Value: $150)
Bonuses (Value: $100)
Access to me, a certified health coach (Value: $500+) 
Access to all future bonuses and updates! ($$)
This course is worth over $700 but all you pay is… $27!!!

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Confidently Nourished – Signature Program

3 months working 1:1 with me to improve the relationships you have with food, exercise and your body

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  • A wellness gift package created just for you
  • Access to 9 high value modules with ebook, workbooks, video etc featuring my 6 Step Process to making peace with food and your body
  • Nine 45min coaching calls with me via Zoom
  • Access to me, a certified health coach, nutrition therapist and detox specialist
  • Shared Evernote folder with meal suggestions/recipes, session notes, Q+A and more
  • Lifetime access to the Lifting Lettuce Library with over 40 ebooks
  • Homework assignments so you can take action and stay on track
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Feminine Connection Course

Educational course to help you reconnect to your body by understanding hormones, menstrual phases, toxins and self love.


  • Online course with four info-packed modules + bonuses
  • Go at your own pace with lifetime access (including any updates!)
  • Learn with over 12 ebooks plus video trainings and audio lessons
  • Option to book 1 60 min call with me for only $39 or 4 calls for just $175 (50% off!)
  • Invites to exclusive Zoom training calls
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Peaceful Eating Guide

30 day menu + guide to help you eat intuitively, nourish yourself and make meal time enjoyable.


1. A 30min consultation with me, a certified health coach! We will go over your eating habits, food history etc so that I can customize your 30 day menu for YOU!  Consultation can be done by video, call or messenger (whatever works for you).
2. Your personalize Peaceful Eating Guide which includes menu planning templates, 30 days of meal + snack suggested and all the recipes (over 100!) both from me and food blogs.
3. Access to me via Slack! This is a messenger service you can use to ask me questions or get help both personally as well as in our group convo for all Peaceful Eating members (swap recipes! share experiences!)
4. BONUSES like my Intuitive Eating ebook, Social Media Body Image Guide and Grocery Guide (food storage tips and more!)

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“Sophie is an amazing mom, health coach, and positive role model. She teaches about being healthy and happy at all stages of life and can rock a Facebook live video while wrestling an active toddler. If you have any questions about being vegan, prepping with a family or at home remedies, this lady is the one to speak to. – Lindsay H.” 


“Besides being incredibly sweet and warm, this woman knows her food and how to convince toddlers that eating healthy is a good thing. You will be cooking her recipes in no time – Victoria B.”