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What to Do When You Feel Bloated AF

Let’s talk about bloating… because it happens to all of us.  And it kind of sucks, right?  We can do a fair bit to avoid it but chances are it will still happen at some point… so then what?  What can we do to help ease the discomfort?

Before we get into it though, I do want to make one thing clear. Bloating is not the same thing as being full.  You’re stomach is going to expand when you eat,

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I feel like I’ve been building up to this shopping ban for a while. I attempted a 30 day “no buy” back in April but didn’t quite make it. I’ve just had this nagging feeling that I need to SHOP LESS. It has been showing up in different ways in my life lately- lots of signs!  I have multiple reasons for wanting to do it, which I’ll share below, but ultimately it’s about control. 

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Lisette High Waist Leggings

Even though I have mainly worked out at the home the past 4 years, I still like to have workout clothes that I feel really good in! I want stuff that fits, is comfortable and that I could wear out of the house.  With the whole athleisure trend, I love when I can wear my workout clothes not just to workout but also to grab lunch or run errands!

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Can you guys believe we’re almost at June already? Kinda blows my mind. Between Summer coming and moving to a much more humid climate, I’m changing up my skincare routine a bit and thought I’d share with you guys!  I’ll let you know what my favourites have been as well as some other products I’m thinking about trying.

NYR Organic products are free of parabens, phthalates, fragrance, animal products (except from bees),

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