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I was breastfed as a baby and just always assumed that unless I was actually unable to, I would choose to breastfeed my own children. I understand that this isn’t a choice everyone makes and I’ll admit, sometimes I do feel frustrated when I see a mom choosing formula because she’s afraid breastfeeding will make her nipples weird (or something to that affect) because to me that’s not a strong enough reason to deprive your child of something that is SO SO good for them!

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We made the FB announcement on Easter 😉

Shirt found here

This post is a little late seeing as I announced this on social media weeks ago but…  We’re expecting baby #2 in November!!

We’re so excited! Cannot wait to have another little bebe in my arms and for our son, Beckett, to have a sibling. He’s VERY curious about babies right now and is so sweet with them.

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