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Fall is quickly approaching! I love Fall, I have to admit.  Summer is great and the Winter holidays can’t be beat but when it comes to style, Fall is my jam. Give me all the layers, boots, cozy cardigans and hats!

I was pretty happy with my maternity wardrobe all Summer and I feel like going into Fall I’m pretty set! It’s kind of a great season to be in your third trimester because….

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Why go natural & organic during your pregnancy? Here are just some of the benefits…

  • What you put on your body can affect you as well as your unborn baby.  It has been said that women use an average of 12 personal care products a day which means they could be exposed to over one hundred unique chemical ingredients some of which may not be good for their health!
  • Your hormones change when you’re pregnant which effects your skin greatly Switching your skincare to natural and organic products can be much gentler on your sensitive skin.

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We made the FB announcement on Easter 😉

Shirt found here

This post is a little late seeing as I announced this on social media weeks ago but…  We’re expecting baby #2 in November!!

We’re so excited! Cannot wait to have another little bebe in my arms and for our son, Beckett, to have a sibling. He’s VERY curious about babies right now and is so sweet with them.

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