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I’ve been trying to come up with more (fun) ways to show you guys my outfits or to create different looks lately. My floor length mirror got wrecked so those easy mirror selfies aren’t really an option right now! Over on IG I’ve started doing some IGTV styling sessions which is so fun! I thought I’d also start a series here on “what I wore last week” where I can showcase what I actually wore for a week (5-7 days)- that way it reminds me to have my tripod set up to take outfit pics during that week!

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I was recently in Target, as usual, trying on a bunch of clothes and thought it’d be fun to share here!  I’m excited to see Fall stuff hitting stores although I’m really limiting what I buy since I’m pregnant.

Some of these items are maternity but some are not!  So this post isn’t just for my pregnant ladies.

Oh and Beckett woke up from a nap right as I was starting to try things on so he was pretty unhappy at first…

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