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I’ll admit I’ve become one of those “essential oil people” who have them in every room and use them daily. ha! Although, I understand the limits and safety precautions of essential oils (which not everyone seems to, unfortunately!).  They’ve become a very regular part of my life and well as my children’s lives.  At home we diffuse oils pretty regularly (this is my favourite diffuser but this one looks really cool too) and my son asks for his sleepy oil every night.

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What to Do When You Feel Bloated AF

Let’s talk about bloating… because it happens to all of us.  And it kind of sucks, right?  We can do a fair bit to avoid it but chances are it will still happen at some point… so then what?  What can we do to help ease the discomfort?

Before we get into it though, I do want to make one thing clear. Bloating is not the same thing as being full.  You’re stomach is going to expand when you eat,

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration no longer recommends Tylenol for children younger than 4. and are  investigating whether these drugs are safe for older kids.  So if you weren’t open to holistic options before, maybe now is the time!

No one likes being sick and I think it feels even worse to see our kids sick! Prevention is important but even the healthiest people can’t always avoid getting sick so I think you need to have a game plan for both!

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I have another guest post for you guys today! You know I’m obsessed with essential oils right? I got into them a few years ago and it’s funny how all of a sudden you realize you’re using them every day and they’ve become just a big part of your life! Now I can’t imagine not having them.  Read on to learn more about using oils and a fun DIY project!

Hello Lifting Lettuce Fans!

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Say hello to Carrie Spratley! She is guest posting for me today. Carrie is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Wife and Mother.  Her passion is to help take people from surviving to thriving by helping them balance blood sugar,  gut health and inflammation.  You can find her website at Inside Out Health Coach. I’m excited to share this post of hers- enjoy!

Have you ever heard the saying, “go with your gut?” 

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I always say that wellness (and health) is a journey; it’s not about a destination.  So while I consider myself to be a healthy person, I am always looking to improve and grow!  For me healthy and wellness isn’t so much about what I weight or the exercise I do or even just the food I eat… it’s about how I feel overall! And that is something that is always going to take work.

I didn’t make any big drastic changes in 2016 but every small thing I did definitely added up!
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