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I love a good non fiction book! I have a whole bookcase dedicated to them on topics ranging from vegan food to holistic health to skincare to parenting to mindset to essential oils!  I’ve always loved to read and it’s one of my favourite ways to gain new knowledge.

Here are five of my favourite books- ones that I find myself recommending to other moms all the time!

  1. WomanCode

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I’m bringing back my food journal series! Sure, I share plenty of recipes and pics of what i eat but it’s not that often you see EVERYTHING I ate in a day which I know can be very helpful. 

Please keep in mind that this is what works for ME. This is my balance. Your balance may look a lot different and that’s perfectly okay! This post isn’t about making comparisons. It’s just meant to be one example of what healthy,

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I think with wellness being almost “trendy” these days, there’s a lot of focus on things like superfoods and crystals and such to the point where for someone who is just trying to be a little healthier it can feel overwhelming.  With my clients, I like to meet them where they are and build up from there.  Start small because small is do-able, small isn’t overwhelming. If you keep trying to take gigantic leaps, you’re eventually going to wear yourself out!

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