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Target A New Day OTK Boots:  Finally, I found some over the knee boots that are vegan-friendly, under $50 and fit!! I’m 5’10 so they hit just above my knees. I find the fit very comfortable and super flattering.  They are currently on sale for just $32!! Although the regular price of $39.99 is pretty amazing still

MyBevi water bottle: I picked this up at Target after the previous water bottle I bought turned out to be a fail.

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Fall and Winter are my favourite months to diffuse essential oils! Below I’m sharing some of my favourite blends that you can diffuse and have your home smell like Fall. Great thing about essential oils is not only do you get amazing scents but you also get the health benefits!

Of course, not all oils are safe for everyone!  I have made a point to note which blends are not safe for certain people/ages. 

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I have another guest post for you guys today! You know I’m obsessed with essential oils right? I got into them a few years ago and it’s funny how all of a sudden you realize you’re using them every day and they’ve become just a big part of your life! Now I can’t imagine not having them.  Read on to learn more about using oils and a fun DIY project!

Hello Lifting Lettuce Fans!

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