. Module 3 .



Exercise because you love your body not because you hate it. 

(I said Module 2 but I meant Module 3 😉 )




Find What You Enjoy 

  Exercising with Love





Action Steps

1. Try 2 new to you workouts before this program ends.  it can be a new style of workout like if you’re used to vinyasa yoga try hot yoga or try taking a class with a different instructor or try something completely new like drumming or rebounding.  it does not have to cost money, there are many many free videos available on youtube as well as workouts like hiking!  don’t worry about not being “great” at it…  people generally aren’t great at something the first time they try!

2. Write down ways to add in daily movement and set some goals for yourself.  This could be 20min of moderate exercise a day, yoga 4x a week, 2500 steps a day, taking a 10 min break from sitting at your desk every hour etc