Confidently Nourished



You’re here because you want to be able to get dressed in the morning without picking yourself apart in the mirror- to wear cute outfits with confidence because you’re comfortable in your own skin.

You want to learn how to trust, respect and love your body as it is.

You want to be able to enjoy food without rules or restrictions. You want to be able to recognize how certain foods make you feel. You want more energy, clearer skin, less brain fog but not at the expense of your happiness. You want to be the woman who no longer picks herself apart in the mirror and wishes for a different body. You want to be the version of you that doesn’t count calories or step on a scale every day but knows she’s beautiful and knows her worth.

You can do all of that!

You can create a life of wellness that works for YOU and feels incredible!

You don’t have to sit back and watch other people do what you wish you were doing. You can create the healthy life style of your own dreams.

All I need from you is commitment and determination and I promise I will do everything I can to get you to where you want to be.


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On a scale of 1-10… how freaking tired are you of feeling uncomfortable in your body?

Are you…

  • Tired of hating how your body looks in clothing?
  • Tired of always chasing after weightloss?
  • Tired of constantly managing what you eat?
  • Tired of the dressing room break downs?
  • Tired of cutting out the foods you love?
  • Tired of forcing yourself to workout even when you don’t want to?
  • Tired of copying what other “healthier” people are doing and then feeling worthless when it doesn’t work for you?
  • Tired of spending money on shakes and pills and wraps filled with false hope?
  • Tired of feeling like you’re always eating what and when you shouldn’t?
  • Tired of always telling yourself “when then” like when I lose 10lbs then I’ll buy that dress? I’m tired just reading this!

Like, holy crap what an exhausting way to live!
And yet I did it for YEARS!

And honestly, you don’t even realize how how tiring it all is until you’re no longer doing it…when you’re that far into the diet culture black hole it’s hard to imagine what else is out there- what a life without food obsessing, body hating and skinny chasing can look like.


That’s why I created my signature program where I teach a 6 step process that will help you go from crying in the Target dressing room to rocking a crop top because you finally feel FREE and are able to love and nourish yourself the way you’ve always deserved to.

T͟H͟E͟R͟E͟ A͟R͟E͟ Z͟E͟R͟O͟ R͟E͟A͟S͟O͟N͟S͟ W͟H͟Y͟ Y͟O͟U͟ S͟H͟O͟U͟L͟D͟ W͟A͟S͟T͟E͟ A͟N͟O͟T͟H͟E͟R͟ P͟R͟E͟C͟I͟O͟U͟S͟ M͟I͟N͟U͟T͟E͟ N͟O͟T͟ appreciating T͟H͟E͟ B͟O͟D͟Y͟ Y͟O͟U͟’R͟E͟ I͟N͟ A͟N͟D͟ T͟H͟E͟ F͟O͟O͟D͟ Y͟O͟U͟’R͟E͟ E͟A͟T͟I͟N͟G͟

When you hire me….

I’ll teach you how to let go of those dieting habits like portion control, eating at certain times, avoiding “bad” foods” so that you can learn to listen to your body and make mindful choices that SERVE YOU.  Discover what intuitive eating is and how it can change your life for the better.
You’ll learn how to reconnect with your feminine body; understand what the heck your hormones are doing and how to balance them, how to best support your liver so you can have more energy and clearer skin, learn the four phases of your menstrual cycle and how to live in sync with them, and how to practice radical self care so that you no longer feel depleted and run over.
Yes, you’ll learn all about nutrition in a way that is tailored to YOUR unique needs.  It’s not about cutting out food groups or restricting yourself.  I’ll teach you how to actually tune in to your body to see how different foods make you FEEL.  Yes, feel!  How you feel is so much more important than what you look like, am I right?
I’m a body positive coach and my focus is never on weight loss but instead on your well being.  I work with women of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES to help them embrace their body’s and stop obsessing over weight loss.  Let’s focus on taking really really good care of you and if weight loss happens as a result, cool, but we’re not going to focus on it because weight loss is NOT the key to health and happiness!
This is YOUR life, YOUR health, YOUR body and YOUR happiness; I am here to guide and support you as a certified health coach and Health at Every Size advocate.

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Confidently Nourished – Signature Program

3 month program designed to improve the relationships you have with food, exercise and your body

  • A wellness gift package created just for you plus extra gifts along the way
  • Lifetime access to 12 course modules with ebooks, workbooks, video etc featuring my 6 Step Process
  • 12 45min coaching calls with me via Zoom
  • Weekly email follow ups
  • Access to me via Slack messenger
  • Homework assignments so you can take action and stay on track
  • Journal prompts

This is YOU 3 months from now:

  • You’ve ditched the dieting mindset that has you obsessing over weight, calories, size, portions, NUMBERS.
  • You now know how to eat intuitively- discover the foods that best serve you! Be able to enjoy everything you eat without worry, guilt or shame.
  • You’re moving your body in ways that feel mindful and bring you joy- not as a punishment for what you ate or to try and manipulate your size.
  • You love getting dressed in the morning and feel like you can wear ANYTHING! Even trying clothes on is enjoyable now.
  • You’ve made peace with your body and no longer find yourself constantly critiquing it or feeling like it’s not good enough.  You feel comfortable in your own skin and aren’t worrying about what anyone else might think of it.
  • You no longer dread your period because you’re living week to week in sync with your cycle- giving your body the food, movement and support it needs to best support your hormones, gut and liver.
  • You’ve stopped obsessing over ingredients and nutrients because you know which are safe and which are not and can consciously choose when to say no or yes (without fear!).
  • That feeling of overwhelm is gone- you KNOW how to take care of yourself. You know how to de-stress, sleep better, have more energy etc

Sound good??

Let’s book you a free 15min call to see if this program is right for you!


I have struggled for years to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sophie helped me lay out a solid plan on how to obtain a healthy lifestyle and continue a healthy way of life. I first started with one-to-one and was able to get a good foundation and self awareness to where my healthy lifestyle lacked and was strong. I also participated in Finding Your Balance group program.  I have lowered my cholesterol, lost weight, and gained a ton of energy and focused drive from the knowledge, support and understanding Sophie has aided me.   I can’t wait to see how far I can go with my ongoing healthy lifestyle! 5 stars to Sophie and lifting lettuce!

– Nicole J.

I knew I had to change something. My mindset for health wasn’t where I wanted it to be. The approach I wanted wasn’t being offered by any doctors, dieticians or nutritionists that I had talked to. Sophie and I worked together, on the little and big things that I needed. My relationship with food went from being unstable/unhealthy to balanced and real. I can’t believe in six months I am more plant based then ever before with a love for food. I eat more whole foods then I have ever before, which is one of my on going goals.

One thing that I struggled with when it came to my weight was the mental part. I was too hard on myself. I didn’t know how to even start loving myself or trying to put myself first. Sophie helped me take baby steps into doing this. I learned that by putting myself first, making myself healthy not only makes me a better person and a better mother but sets up a great model for my daughter to learn from. I went from never taking any time for myself to scheduling a Epsom Salt bath or scheduling a float. Because when you’re a mother, you can easily schedule everyone else but can leave yourself out.
Sophie works with her clients to achieve goals, small or big, empowers us to believe in ourselves. It’s the one on one support that I craved but didn’t know how to get. I highly recommend her to anyone. If there’s areas in your life you would like to change or improve she’s your coach. I loved working with her for the last six months and look forward to working with her again.



Sophie is such a kind loving soul. She takes so much time to really listen to her clients. I loved our 3 month program, It was just what I needed in more ways than I realized. She was able to hit spots the most often others cannot see within me. I appreciate her bunches and bunches. Thank you so much! – Darian R.