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Hot weather is here! Humidity has arrived! At least here in North Carolina it has.  So that means some of my favourite hot weather skin products are now on a steady rotation in my routine again.  From oils that smooth skin to a faux tan to smoother hair… I’ve got it covered.

Listen, your body is always Summer ready. You don’t NEED to change it.  I’m really not about the whole “get bikini ready”

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I love a good non fiction book! I have a whole bookcase dedicated to them on topics ranging from vegan food to holistic health to skincare to parenting to mindset to essential oils!  I’ve always loved to read and it’s one of my favourite ways to gain new knowledge.

Here are five of my favourite books- ones that I find myself recommending to other moms all the time!

  1. WomanCode

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So… who has been shopping a little extra this week? hehe SO many good sales! But I really do try to shop mindfully so I’ve been sticking to things that were already on my wish list! I got Beckett my favourite karate jeans from Old Navy plus some socks for his stocking (and this denim jacket for Finnley because come on!), treated myself to a Fawn Design diaper bag, got a preschool curriculum for Beckett and some Christmas gifts!

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My favourite day of the year is almost here!! Okay, I’m kidding. Christmas is my favourite day. hahah But of course I love Mother’s Day too!  As mom’s, we do SO much, so it’s nice to have a day where we get a little recognition, y’know?  And I say, TREAT YO SELF.  Don’t be afraid to buy yourself a gift or take yourself somewhere nice.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite things that I think many mamas would LOVE.

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The big yearly Amazon Prime Day sale is here!! This is actually my first year shopping it (I recently joined Prime; handy when you have a new baby) since it’s only for Prime members.  If you aren’t a member, you can always do the trial and cancel afterwards at no cost… and still get to shop this sale!


  1.  Instant Pot 8 Quart on sale for $90 (reg $130).

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I turn 30 on July 11! The big 3-0!

Honestly, I’m excited about it.  For the most part I’m really happy with where I am in my life, at this age.  I feel comfortable going into my 30’s and that’s a good feeling.

I always make a wish list for my birthday. Not because I expect gifts but because I like lists. haha This year’s kinda made me chuckle because it’s so grown up. 

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