Month: December 2018

What to Do When You Feel Bloated AF

Let’s talk about bloating… because it happens to all of us.  And it kind of sucks, right?  We can do a fair bit to avoid it but chances are it will still happen at some point… so then what?  What can we do to help ease the discomfort?

Before we get into it though, I do want to make one thing clear. Bloating is not the same thing as being full.  You’re stomach is going to expand when you eat,

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There’s no denying that our society is obsessed with coffee. It’s trendy to talk about needing coffee to work/survive/be a mom etc We wear #coffeeaddict shirts, Instagram our Starbucks drinks and buy $200 espresso machines.  I say we because I’ve definitely done (or still do) some of those things myself!

But is coffee good for our health?

We often hear about the health benefits because we all WANT coffee to be good for us,

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I’m bringing back my food journal series! Sure, I share plenty of recipes and pics of what i eat but it’s not that often you see EVERYTHING I ate in a day which I know can be very helpful. 

Please keep in mind that this is what works for ME. This is my balance. Your balance may look a lot different and that’s perfectly okay! This post isn’t about making comparisons. It’s just meant to be one example of what healthy,

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