1. Acure Shampoo Argan Oil & Pumpkin  – I’ve been using this for a couple months now and love it! I only wash my hair twice a week but when I have a good shampoo like this, that’s not a problem!  It doesn’t contain icky ingredients, not even fragrance.
  2. Vegan Robb’s Snacks – I discovered these on Thrive Market months ago and I think my son and I have tried every flavour! We love them! Well, except the spicy Dragon Puffs… but my husband liked those.  They taste like chips but have healthier ingredients which I appreciate.  The Cauliflower ones are sweet, the cheesy ones are SO cheesy (for being vegan!) and the turmeric ones are addicting as heck. Yum!
  3. Cover FX Custom Drops – This has been the foundation I’ve been using all Summer and I love it so much. I just wish the bottle was redesigned because I don’t find it really works! I kinda just scoop product out and wipe it onto my fingers or face haha but it goes on SO nicely! So many foundations look dry on my face but this one doesn’t. I love that I can mix it with my moisturizer or a sunscreen and build up the coverage.
  4. WomanCode by Alisa Vitti – Best book I’ve read all year. I read it so fast! I’d been familiar with it for a while but am so glad I finally got around to buying the book. I feel like every woman needs to read it!
  5. Teething Oil from BaybeeBoutique – It’s just lavender and white fir but goodness, it works. I often reach for this now when Finnley is upset and tired and within 10min, she’s asleep.  It definitely calms her!  I’ve been using it for months now so I can’t say it’s just a coincidence anymore haha
  6.  Remedies to Roll by NYR Organic (Night, Energy, Study) – These are the essential oil roll ons I use for myself and love so much. They are SO effective!  And so convenient.  They’re pre-diluted so you can just roll them right onto your skin as needed.  I don’t travel with many essential oils but these go everywhere with me!
Have you tried any of these products?

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