I feel like I’ve been building up to this shopping ban for a while. I attempted a 30 day “no buy” back in April but didn’t quite make it. I’ve just had this nagging feeling that I need to SHOP LESS. It has been showing up in different ways in my life lately- lots of signs!  I have multiple reasons for wanting to do it, which I’ll share below, but ultimately it’s about control.  I always like feeling in control of my decisions and lately, I feel border line obsessive about shopping and instead of giving something or adding something to my life, I feel like it is taking away something.  I’m doing 60 days because I honestly don’t think 30 is enough to make a lasting impression on me. I’m hoping with 60 days to really change some of my habits and my mindset around shopping!


Why I’m Giving Up Unnecessary Shopping for 60 Days

1. Time. Its not just the actual purchased I want to cut back on but also the time I spend “window shopping”  I can spend so much time browsing, adding to car and not purchasing and then I think, what else could I have spent that time doing?! Such a waste of time and all I’m doing is staring at a screen. At least if I was out shopping at a store, I’d be walking and using different senses. I love the convenience of shopping online but it less of an experience and sometimes it’s the experience that I’m truly craving.

2. Memories. We all know that creating memories and experiences isn’t worth more than products we buy but it’s so easy to get caught up in buying “things”! I really want to focus more on creating memories and less on feeling like I need to buy this and that.  This is a big one for me because it’s also about showing my kids that what we do means more than what we buy.

3. Money. For me this isn’t so much about spending less as it is about spending wisely.  Sometimes I just go through these little shopping sprees and honestly, it’s like a mini high! And I look forward to all of the boxes arriving at my door!  Again, not a bad thing now and then but when I find myself doing it every few weeks… it starts to feel excessive.  It’s that feeling of lack of control that I dislike.

4. Society.  Today’s society and culture really pushes us to buy more, to always feel like what we have is not enough. This is something I have really worked on with myself but lately, especially with Instagram and Blogs, I have been feeling that pressure again. So many fashion bloggers have turned to selling, selling, selling. Sometimes it can be super helpful for me but other times it just feels like too much!  And using phrases like “you need this” or “this will change your life” about a pair of shoes is a big turn off for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love that bloggers can make money this way and I really do support that but there are times where it just feels like a commercial (or even unauthentic) or just TOO MUCH.  So I will be taking stock of who I follow online and cutting out those that, I feel, only sell. Not because it’s wrong of them but because I don’t like how it makes ME feel.  I prefer to follow those who share and sell in a way that feels comfortable to me.

As far as what “counts” as unnecessary, that’s obviously up to me but basically I won’t be buying clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare products or even home decor.  I will be buying food and some toiletries.  I am including my kids in this simply because I know they don’t need any new clothes right now.

I’ll be doing this for all of July and August. If you’d like to join me, feel free to tag @liftinglettuce and/or use the hashtag #unncessaryshoppingban on social media so I can support your journey!


Have you ever been on a shopping ban before??

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