Lisette High Waist Leggings

Even though I have mainly worked out at the home the past 4 years, I still like to have workout clothes that I feel really good in! I want stuff that fits, is comfortable and that I could wear out of the house.  With the whole athleisure trend, I love when I can wear my workout clothes not just to workout but also to grab lunch or run errands!

Most of my workout clothes are from Fabletics. I’ve been a member for YEARS (even while pregnant haha) but I do skip some months because I definitely don’t need new workout clothes every month.  I will say that not everything is my style BUT the items that I have kept I really really love!  I thought it’d be helpful to share my favourites here in case you’re thinking about becoming a member. It’s really appealing to sign up for the cheap leggings but you might be wondering if it’s worth sticking with- I feel it is.

If you don’t know what Fabletics is, it is an athletic apparel company that you pay a membership fee to. Each month new outfits are released.  You’re credit card is charged $50ish and you get to spend that on the website, skip a month OR if you forget to skip but don’t buy then the $50 just rolls over to the next month or whenever you decide to spend it! So you’re never wasting money, it will always go towards a purchase!  You can buy the outfits or individual items (I even have shoes from Fabletics!).

Returns are really easy and free which is great because I generally refuse to shop online from any site that doesn’t offer free returns. haha They also have a rewards system so you can earn free goodies just for shopping or writing reviews.

If you’re new to Fabletics, you can join and get two pairs of leggings for just $24!! Such a crazy good deal! Even if you decide not to stay a member, it’s worth getting those leggings because the quality is SO good!

Okay, so on to my favourites Fabletics items!

Holly Tank – Love this tank! I think it’s cute enough to wear even when not working out. I like that it’s not super revealing in the back and it still fits like a regular tank.

Bianca Tunic – If you like a longer length shirt, this is so good! I love the mesh detail and while it has bigger arm holes the fit is still good. It’d a great one for yoga because it won’t ride up high!

Latrice Short – I always have a hard time finding workout shorts that I love but these are so good!! I love the fit. The material and waistband are so comfortable. I really love the layers. I’ve been wearing these a ton and am definitely considering getting them in another colour!

Kaye Jogger – I bought these just after having Finnley and lived in them all Winter! I actually got them in two colours- grey and pink! They are such a flattering fit.  Plus they come in tall inseam!

Sonya Tee,  Latrice Short

Sonya Tee – Sometimes I prefer a tee over a tank and I love the back detail on this! It actually makes it really cooling for workouts or walks in the sun!

Cove Mesh Reflective Sneaker – These are my go to runners! I don’t run in them haha but I walk in them a lot and have worked out in them. They’re comfortable plus stylish so they work with a lot of outfits. They’ve stayed really clean too.

The Shift Bag II – Such a stylish gym bag! I’ll admit I haven’t been using it much this past year since I workout at home but when I was going to the gym last Summer this is what I used. It has great functional pockets and can carry your yoga mat plus it’s easy to wipe clean.

Emerson Top – Such a pretty top! I love wearing this with high rise leggings. Definitely a top you could wear to yoga and still feel stylish enough to wear it out shopping after, you know? I will say it does show any lumps and bumps you may have (nothing wrong with that though!) but it’s also very stretchy (nice for breastfeeding!) and such a comfortable fabric.

Lisette High Waist Leggings – The best!! These are VERY similar to the Zella leggings! I have both and love both. I have these in a couple colours. The quality and fit is so good!  I’m thinking about grabbing the shorts version!

Makeup Remover Cloth – I got these for free using the rewards program but I love them! They’re super soft so it sorta feels like wiping your face with a wet teddy bear haha but they do SUCH a good job of removing makeup, even really stubborn matte lip sticks!

Bianca Tunic, Latrice ShortCove Mesh Reflective Sneaker

Fabletics is having a huge 40% off sale today for VIP Members!!

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