Have you heard of Thrive Market?  It’s my go to store since moving to North Carolina.  There aren’t too many health foods stores in the area but I can get a lot of great stuff at Thrive Market (and at a low price).

It’s a membership site sort of like Costco or Amazon Prime. You pay $60ish a year to have access to it but the products are all sold at a discounted price!  They also offer a lot of free products with purchase.

One thing I love is how easy the website is to navigate. I’m vegan, so I’m always reading ingredients lists but I love how Thrive Market makes it so easy to shop according to dietary preference!  I just click “vegan” and it sorts it all for me.  They have a HUGE selection and lots of my favourite brands and products!

You can get 25% off your first order when you sign up here. If you don’t want to become a paying member, just cancel after you place your first order (within 30 days of joining)!

Check out some of my favourite products I buy from Thrive Market! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me share a lot of this stuff!



While I definitely love making my own snacks or just reaching for a piece of fruit, it’s also nice to have a few pre-made things on hand. My toddler, Beckett, is a big snacker so he appreciates it as well. In fact, whenever we get a Thrive box, he says “Beckett snacks??” and gets SO excited hahah Some of our favourites are anything by Vegan Robb’s (they’re all so good!! If you want sweet, get the moringa puffs), this Earth Balance popcorn for movie night (tastes like movie theater popcorn without the nasty ingredients. It’s also a huge bag for only $3!)), Lousville Vegan Jerky especially the bacon oneSiete grain free chips (omg so good), Wasa sourdough crisps and Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips.


I feel like having a stocked pantry is so key to healthy eating because it means you have things on hand that aren’t going to expire as well as ingredients to whip something up! Obviously fruits and veggies are just as important but if you’re pantry is stocked, you can easily pick up a handful of produce and be able to create healthy meals. I buy raw nuts (cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds, brazil), peanut butter, tomato sauce, steel cut oats, coconut cream, decaf coffee, medjool dates, figs,  Purely Elizabeth granola (Thrive Market has the best price and it often goes on sale!), EVOO, hemp hearts, pure maple syrup, coconut oil, sprouted flour, canned pumpkin, coconut sugar,  Upton’s Naturals jackfruit, tomato sauce (my favourite!!), Made in Nature Figgy Pops, green lentils, garbanzo beans and coconut milk powder.


I buy my toddler the Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood powder, I use the Amazing Grass Detox + Digest powder and dulse flakes in my smoothies.  Milk Thistle is great for supporting the liver and is in my cart right now! I took this prenatal while pregnant and still take this ironThis supplement looks great too!  This is one of my favourite protein powders. I love adding MCT oil to my coffee or lattes in the morning for optimal brain functioning.



I love food and it makes me happy to treat myself now and then! I have fun trying new brands and products. Some things I’ve been loving are the Good Karma chocolate milk (my toddler loves it and it has less sugar than other brands I’ve checked), Nut Pods coffee creamer (I get the unsweetened one but I consider it a “treat” because I try not to buy stuff with natural flavours all the time. This is the best non dairy creamer though!!), Food Stirs chocolate chip cookie mix (just use a vegan egg and coconut oil to make it). This is one of my favourite chocolate bars. THey also have lots of peanut butter cups, my weakness! Soon I’m going to splurge a little and try Hu Chocolate!



First of all, Thrive Market has salt lamps! I already have one but I did grab some of their light bulbs. I love buying this toilet paper and these paper towels.  This is my favourite laundry detergent, dish soap and all purpose spray. I’ve also grabbed the kids some stuff that I highly recommend like these snack cups, wipeable bibs (so easy to clean and not bulky!), snack bags (love that these have two size options) and Bambo diapers (for when Finn isn’t in cloth diapers. These are the best!!). They also have organic baby food like Peter Rabbit and Happy Family.


You guys should see my “holistic medicine cabinet”! hehe It’s pretty good. Some things I like to keep on hand are bug repellent (this kids one too), Hello toothpaste in Watermelon (my 3 year old loves it and is happy to brush his teeth with it!), bamboo tooth brush, elderberry syrup for kids and for adults, sovereign silver, baby sunscreen (6+ months) and kid sunscreen.


Do you shop at Thrive Market? What are your favourite items to buy?

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