My favourite day of the year is almost here!! Okay, I’m kidding. Christmas is my favourite day. hahah But of course I love Mother’s Day too!  As mom’s, we do SO much, so it’s nice to have a day where we get a little recognition, y’know?  And I say, TREAT YO SELF.  Don’t be afraid to buy yourself a gift or take yourself somewhere nice.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite things that I think many mamas would LOVE. Most are things I personally have and use (except that hammock… really want that!!).

These goodies will please any health-conscious mama (give or receiver!) so shop away!

Soy Essential Oil Candle
Acupuncture Mat
Matcha Powder
Hair Mask
Face Mask
Lavender Plant
Massage Oil
Hammock Chair
Smudge Spray
Goddess Provisions Subscription
VegNews Subscription

What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list??


This post contains affiliate links.

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