I decided to take part in the Winter 10×10 style challenge last month! I was feeling really sick of my “post partum” clothes so I thought that this would be a great way to get me excited about getting dressed in the morning again! And it did help. It forced me to make more of an effort which felt good. I also realized that I do own a LOT of clothes still! I was feeling like hardly anything fits me but really, there’s quite a lot.

You’ll notice there are only 8 photos here! I actually did have 10 outfits but forget to take pics a couple times haha You get the idea anyway!

I love these challenges because it’s like a very mini capsule wardrobe. I love capsule wardrobes because they force you to only buy and keep things you love and actually wear!  I’m all for less waste.  Waste makes me anxious. But I love clothes and I love shopping haha So this is an area where minimalism really helps me dial back.

I didn’t choose the most exciting items but I wanted to be realistic. I have a newborn and toddler and work from home- obviously I’m not parading around in heels!  Leggings, joggers, sweatshirts, jeans… yep.  Reality.  Even the pictures crack me up because you can see babies and messes in the background! ha!

I’ve had a lot of clarity surrounding my wardrobe since doing this… mostly that I was still shopping too much. One not so great habit I have is that each season I want new things even if what I had from last year is still fine! So, like, I have a TON of cardigans.  What I need to do is at the end of the season, see which ones did not get much wear and go ahead and sell those! I’m going to try to be better about getting rid of things before bringing in new things.

BP sweater (similar), Blanqi Postpartum Leggings, Target sneakers (similar)

Target cardigan (similar), sneakers (similar) and top, Old Navy jeans (similar)   Target cardigan (similar), top and sneakers (similar), Blanqi Postpartum LeggingsTarget top, shirt (similar) and boots (similar), Blanqi Postpartum Leggings Urban Outfitters top, Old Navy jeans (similar) , Target boots (similar)Target cardigan (similar) + shirt (similar) + boots (similar), Old Navy jeans (similar)

Target joggers, shirt (similar), sneakers (similar)


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