This little ray on sunshine has been with us for over two months now! It actually feels weird to say that because already life before her seems FOREVER ago! It’s as if she has always been with us. I think because she fits into our family so perfectly!  I was nervous about going from one to two children and don’t get me wrong it is very hard at times but overall I love it! And yes, I totally want a third haha

I thought I’d share a little life update since Finnley joined us! I’ll try to do one every few months or so.


This girl was 13.5lbs at her 2 month appointment! I can’t remember what Beckett was at that age but I’m pretty sure Finnley has her beat haha They were only 2oz apart at birth though (with Beckett being heavier). She’s such a healthy, happy baby… to the point where I think I started over thinking things and exaggerating “symptoms” because it seemed too good to be true! Beckett was pretty issue-free too and I’m just not sure how I got so lucky!  She was spitting up a lot so I thought you know, acid reflux or lip/tongue tie but clearly she has no problem putting on weight and I have zero discomfort when breastfeeding so both my midwife and the pediatrician said there was nothing to worry about! She’s not spitting up as much lately so maybe she’s outgrowing it. She does gag a lot when breastfeeding but it’s not causing any real issues (I just feel bad for her because it seems unpleasant!).

I thought Beckett was a pretty easy baby but Finnley is easier.  I’ve never had to be up late, get up in the middle of the night with her or wake up super early due to her crying or just refusing to sleep… never! She does mostly cosleep (uses her bassinet part of the night) but she breastfeeds side-to-side and falls back asleep easily.  She was waking every 2 hours or so but since I bought her a LovetoDream swaddle she’s more like 3-4 hours! She loves being with Beckett and watching him. She plays happily on her activity mat now and has started grabbing her toys.  She naps in her MomaRoo mostly although often half her nap is in there and half is in my arms.


Once again, I’m breastfeeding and haven’t had any issues. Again, why am I so lucky!? I don’t know. With Beckett, the fist 10 days were painful but with Finnley it was only the first 3 days. I stopped getting engorged after that too (well, unless I go a long time without breastfeeding/pumping but that never really happens. She has slept a couple 5 hour stretches and I was fine).  At night I nurse her on my side which makes things so easy! With Beckett I didn’t get the hang of that until he was a few months old but this time I started right away. Like I said, she does gag a lot when nursing and I think (like Beckett) she has a shallow latch but still, she enjoys nursing and has no problem getting enough milk. She likes to nurse pretty often, like it’s not unusual for her to feed twice in a 2 hour span haha  I have pumped a handle of times, without issue, but she struggles with taking a bottle. I haven’t been as consistent with it as I should be though.  With our big road trip coming up, I want to have bottles on hand so I can feed her while we drive.


I knew one of the biggest struggles but also one of the things I was most looking forward to was seeing Beckett and Finnley together. It started out rough! First couple of days Beckett would cry when I would carry Finnley! The next couple weeks after that he’d tell me to put “baby away” so that I could carry him.  I tried my best to balance the two! Thankfully Finnley is so chill that I can often put her down somewhere for 10min and she’s fine.  The other struggle was that Beckett loved interacting with Finnley but didn’t really understand just how gentle he had to be.  I really couldn’t leave them in a room alone which made it hard to get anything done! Thankfully these past few weeks it has gotten a lot easier. Beckett still loves to hold and play with Finnley but he has a better understanding of what he can and cannot do with her.  He’s quite sweet with out 90% of the time haha He also doesn’t get as jealous about sharing my attention. I used to carry him into the kitchen every morning so when Finnley arrived, he still wanted to do that but now he actually wakes up and wants to play with Finnley first! Then he will either ask to be carried or he will walk. He recently potty trained (YAY!!) so now he has to use his potty before breakfast too.  So I feel like we are in a better place now as far as sibling dynamics go.  Finnley loves being around Beckett and will sometimes get upset if she can’t see him!  But she does not like having him touch her face/head a lot haha



I remember being overwhelmed during the weeks after having my first son. I didn’t realize how sore I’d be, how much I’d bleed and how intense my emotions would be! I think having been through it before made the second time easier… but it was still hard. I think the first few weeks after having a baby are arguably more challenging than bein pregnant or giving birth!

Post-birth kinda sucks physically, just going to be honest.  You’re so sore (I tore with both births), bleeding (for weeks!) and tired.  I did find my energy came back much faster this time though and I think that’s because labour was so short (an hour)! I also consumed my placenta in smoothies for the first week so that may have helped.

I’ve had to really focus on being patient and kind… even with my own body. For whatever reason, I’ve been less patient about postpartum weightloss this time and have been so eager to fit back into all of my clothes! I keep having to remind myself that it takes time and to embrace my body as it is.  I don’t know what I weigh (I don’t own a scale) and I am fine with that. I go by how my clothes are fitting and I do fit back into quite a few of my size 6 jeans but of course they don’t fit the same way they did before. My stomach is still soft and squishy with extra skin and stretch marks.  I find my pants feel great when I’m standing but dig into my stomach uncomfortably when I sit; safe to say I have been mostly wearing joggers and leggings and wear jeans maybe once a week! I have been working out off and on. That was another thing I was more eager to get back into this time! It’s extra challenging with two little ones though haha I 100% feel it’s okay to LOVE your body and still want to change it and that is where I’m at right now.  I do think it’ll take longer for my body to change this time and perhaps it will hold onto a bit more weight or my stomach won’t be as flat- I’m okay with that.  But I do know my body and what weight it likes to be at, so that’s sort of the “goal”… again, not weighing myself just going off of how things fit and how I feel.

Mood-wise I have felt better this time, more stable and less rollercoaster-y. No baby blues, really.  Around the 3 week mark I got pretty emotional which I know is very normal but since they have been feeling great.


I’ve been very busy since having Finnley between the holidays and selling our house! I think that has helped in some ways because I’ve had things to focus on. But safe to say it has also felt overwhelming and stressful at times! I look forward to moving and getting settled again!

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