The U.S. Food and Drug Administration no longer recommends Tylenol for children younger than 4. and are  investigating whether these drugs are safe for older kids.  So if you weren’t open to holistic options before, maybe now is the time!

No one likes being sick and I think it feels even worse to see our kids sick! Prevention is important but even the healthiest people can’t always avoid getting sick so I think you need to have a game plan for both! Below I’m sharing my top holistic tips for dealing with colds (or similar symptoms) for the family.

How to Avoid + Deal with Colds (for the whole family!)

  1. Drink lots of water! You definitely do not want to get dehydrated (especially if you’re throwing up) so water is a must. If your child is throwing up, you can still offer water but make sure it’s just little sips.
  2. Take Elderberry syrup daily and more if you feel yourself getting sick. It’s full of antioxidants. I started giving my son Elderberry after he was a year old. Many contain honey so check for that if you’re giving it to a child under 1.
  3. Avoid/limit dairy and processed sugar. These two foods are hard on our immune system, often causing inflammation. If your body is busy combating that it’ll be more susceptible to getting sick.
  4. Consume fermented food/drinks and take a probiotic. This helps keep your gut healthy which helps keep YOU healthy. Even infants can take a probiotic! If you don’t want to take a pill, try this powder!
  5. Colloidal silver is amazing at fighting the cold/flu! It’s great for sinus problems too. Just make sure to use it sparingly.
  6. High doses of Vit C has been shown to prevent and relieve symptoms of the flu and colds. I like this powder for smaller dosages and camu powder for larger doses. For kids, try this one.
  7. Oil of oregano has so many uses and is great for dealing with colds or the flu. You can also diffuse it if you are stuffed up! This one is great for ingesting (adults  only) and this is great for topical (make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil).
  8.  Essential Oils are a must have for all sorts of things!  For ages 2+ I like this eo blend to help with sniffly noses. I also like having a “germ fighter” on hand for my toddler, like this one.  For myself I love this defense blend (free on orders over $100 this month!), this blend is great for energy (when your sick and feeling tired or the kids are sick so you’re tired from taking care of them!) and this one is ideal for a sick room (if you work in an office, get this!).  You can also diffuse these oils instead of wearing them.
  9. Vapor rubs are is a great stimulating, antiseptic and warming rub for ages 7+ to help with congestion. This is a good option for younger kids although it does contain eucalyptus which can be unsafe before age 7… most baby vapor rubs do contain it though!
  10. Manuka honey is expensive but well worth it! It helps stops the growth of sore throat-causing strep bacteria and helps build immunity.
  11. Echinacea tea is another immune system booster that can ease sore throats.
  12. Steamy showers can help loosen up the chest and a stuffy nose. I also added a few drops of essential oils to the shower as well.
  13. A cool-mist humidifier is a must! Humidifiers add moisture back to the air, which can help ease coughing and congestion caused by a cold. These are especially helpful for babies. I use my essential oil diffuser as a humidifier!
  14. Instead of more traditional medication, I like this product if I am experiencing flu-like symptoms and this one for cold symptoms. These are safe for kids over age 3 too. I give my 2 year old this one.

How do YOU deal with colds in your house?

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