This post is for all of you hard working mamas who lay awake at night with a long to do list running through your head or have to wake up every few hours to feed a hungry baby- I see you!  We all love sleep and yet many of us don’t get enough of it or we get enough but it’s not the high quality sleep we yearn for.  So I’m going to share my top tips not only for getting a better night’s rest but also how to fake it if you didn’t! ha!  Yep, the best steps to take to sleep well along with my favourite products for dealing with tired eyes.

How to Get a Better Night’s Rest

Magnesium deficiency can cause sleep issues and guess what? Most people are deficient in it! There are lots of way to supplement with magnesium. Epsom salt baths can be great and very relaxing. I also love magnesium oil or this magnesium lotion (I use this on my little ones too). You can also take an oral supplement (look for a chelated form) like Natural Calm which is a powder you add to water that actually tastes really good!

White Noise can be a big help. I never listened to white noise until I had a baby and while I’m not sure it helped him a whole lot, it did help me! Thunder/rain is my favourite sound so the White Noise app is nice although it only works when the app is open (and it means having your phone in the room which isn’t ideal for sleep). There are plenty of machines you can buy. I recently got this portable one (this one is very popular too).

Essential Oils especially lavender unless you’re one of those people who react the opposite way to lavender, as in it makes you MORE awake. Valerian, neroli, clary sage, chamomile, and patchouli are also great for sleep. Make sure to use ones that are safe if you’re breastfeeding or are pregnant. Also, use age appropriate oils for the kiddos.  Lavender and roman chamomile are nice because they’re safe for everyone (just dilute it more for littles).  This roll on blend is so easy and SO effective (best I’ve tried!).

No Electronics an hour before bed. Ah, I suck at this one but it really does make a difference. Your brain needs that time to wind down for the night. Blue light (and any artificial light) can mess with you and cause you to lose sleep. If you can’t ditch the electronics, try orange glasses! They help block artificial light and promote better sleep.  I haven’t tried them myself but I hear great things.

How to LOOK like You Got a Better Night’s Rest

Eye Cream:  I’ve used quite a few over the years and I’m telling you, this one takes the cake. You’ll see results within a few days! It made such a difference for me. Yes, it’s pricey but it lasts a long time. I use it daily and have been on the same container for almost a year! It’s vegan, organic and gluten free.

Lift Serum: This can be used all over the face and neck to help firm and lift the skin. It works! I just recently started using it under my eyes (then I put the eye cream on top) and whoa! Again, saw a visible difference after a few days.  Love this stuff. Again, it’s vegan, organic and gluten free.

Under Eye Concealer:  I recently received this in my Goddess Provision’s box and I really like it! It has three colours to help mask dark under eye circles and you apply them before your foundation. I love that it looks natural but it’s effective. Vegan, of course!

Highlighting Concealer: I really like this kit for highlighting under the eyes which helps brighten the area..  Highlighting under your eyes definitely helps a ton but it’s more of a heavier makeup look.

Face roller: A lot of people love jade rollers which I haven’t tried yet but I do love this face roller. You keep it in the freezer!  Cold really helps any puffiness. Both options are super affordable!


Do you have any secret weapons for getting more rest or looking like you did?

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