The first few months (or longer!) can be an awkward time style-wise.  You’re so excited to wear “regular clothes” again but your body looks drastically different. A lot of your clothes probably don’t even fit! But I am a firm believer in dressing for the body you have not the body you want. What I mean is, wear clothes that fit and make you feel awesome NOW! Don’t wait. Trust me, you will be so much happier if you have clothes you feel good in even if your body isn’t as the weight or size that you want it to be at.

This pregnancy I made sure to buy some items that I knew would work for post partum as well. So far I haven’t had to size up for any new clothes because I’ve chosen stretchy fabrics or oversized shapes!  Yes, I’m wearing a lot of leggings, joggers and loose sweaters but I happen to love wearing that sort of thing so it’s all good!  Last thing I want is to be wearing anything uncomfortable (especially too small!).  I also have to make sure things are breastfeeding-friendly!  I breastfed my son for over 2 years though so I’m no stranger to that.

I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favourite post partum clothes that I’m wearing right now!


Post Partum Clothing Favourites for Fall/Winter

Blanqi Post Partum Leggings: These are amazing. Hands down, most comfortable post partum pants. I love that the waist comes up super high and they are very stretchy yet firm. I feel more “pulled together” in these leggings than others.  I did purchase these at 50% off though and I’m not totally sure I’d pay full price for them simply because the fabric does wear quickly. They unfortunately do tend to snag and pill. If you can get them on sale though, do it!

H&M Knit Turtleneck Sweater:  This is probably my favourite sweater this season. It’s soft, super stretchy and I love the fit of it. I’m tall but it’s still long enough to cover my butt. It’s really easy to lift up to breastfeed too.

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings: I had bought a pair of these last year and didn’t love how they fit me (I returned them) but ended up buying another pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (in July so I was very pregnant) and go figure, I actually love the fit now! They aren’t as comfortable as my Blanqi ones because they do cut into my stomach a bit but I definitely still recommend them.

Old Navy Cross-Strap Tunic:  I wore this during my third trimester and am wearing it post partum too! The side slits make it easy to nurse in and I love the cross strap detail. It’s also on sale for $15 right now!

Mossimo Supply Co. Skinny Sweatpants: I wore these while pregnant and love how super soft they are! They also drape nicely.  Definitely a pair of pants I love for lounging in post-partum.

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Jogger Pants: I wish I had these in more than one colour because I love them so much! They were a favourite when I was pregnant and are still a favourite now. They really don’t look like maternity pants but the wider waist and higher back make them very flattering on a post-partum belly.

Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Jogger Sweatpants: These were a more recent purchase. This pair of joggers are great for athleisure because they look more expensive! The thick material is really nice. They aren’t as comfortable as my maternity ones right now but I still love them.

Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Long Sleeve Denim Western Shirt: I love how this shirt drapes but my favourite thing about it is that it has snaps instead of buttons so it makes breastfeeding a breeze!

Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top: I’m tall so this shirt is more cropped on me but it is sooo soft! Very breastfeeding friendly! You’ll want to live in this after having a baby!

Undercover Mama Strapless Nursing Tank: My go to nursing tanks! I wore these after having my son too. They’re nice and long and have a tighter fit so it’s easy to wear them under things. They hook onto your nursing bra so you don’t have double the straps. Mine are still in great shape despite being worn a ton!

Women’s High Waist Tummy Control Underwear: I just got these and they’re great! Very affordable and they do help compress your tummy. They come up nice and high and don’t roll down. The material is thick but not noticeable under clothes. I’d say it’s shapewear not belly binding though, meaning I don’t think they make you’re stomach flatter long term.

Old Navy Twill Button-Front Shirt Dress: I recently bought this dress and love it! The material can really be dressed up or down and it’s totally nursing-friendly.  It drapes really nicely too so you don’t feel like you’re just wearing a sack!

Old Navy Maternity Double Layer Dress:  I wish I’d bought this sooner since it’s maternity but this dress is very comfortable and obviously easy to nurse in. It’s not tight on the stomach and would work for a variety of body shapes and sizes.

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