By “new moms”, I mean mom’s with a new baby! Doesn’t matter if it’s your first or sixth, having a new baby is amazing but CHALLENGING!  I think we can all agree we can use the extra help during that time, right?  Since the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought I’d round up some great gift ideas whether it’s for Christmas or a baby shower or a sip n see (what I plan on doing this time!) or a “holy crap you just had a baby let me get you something” gift.

Robe.  You can go two ways with this…  Get a really pretty robe that makes the mama feel feminine or get a super plush robe that she’s extra comfortable in.  I had my first baby in May and went with a pretty one but since I’m having this one in the Winter, I want a new plush one!

Groceries or a gift certificate to buy groceries.  Better yet, if she has Instacart in her area (I do. cough cough.), get her a gift certificate for that so her groceries can be delivered to her!  Getting out to get groceries is no easy task with kids but especially those first few weeks after having a baby.  Gift certificates to Amazon, local grocery stores, VitaCost etc would all be helpful.  If you’re local, offer go grocery shop for her!

Subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Netflix, HBO GO etc.  There’s a lot of time where you’re just sitting there, feeding your new baby, and need some entertainment. I read a lot of ebooks and watched a lot of tv with my first!  I’m not sure how it’ll be with a toddler running around this time but I imagine I will still want to read when I can.

New pillows.  I think most of us probably keep the same pillows on our bed for a lot longer than we are “supposed to”. haha As new moms, we spend plenty of time in bed whether it’s trying to sleep or nursing so new pillows would definitely be appreciated!

Babysitter.  This is another where hey, if you’re local, volunteer! If you’re not local, see if you can pay for a sitter so mama can get our or you know, nap.

House cleaner.  I mean, seriously, what mom wouldn’t love this?!  I don’t even need to explain why!

Pampering products.  Epsom salts for the bath, NYR Organic Mother’s Bath Oil, lavender essential oil etc  Maybe even a gift certificate to a spa!  Self care can be tough to make time for as a new mom but it’s so important- help her out!

Amazon Echo. This is like a personal assistant and when you can’t get to the store or even on the computer to order something, you can just say “Alexa, order me ___” or maybe you want some music on…  Whatever it is, being able to just “ask” and have a device do it for you is pretty sweet right? I don’t have one so I can’t really say but it seems like a great mom gift to me!


What would you add to this list?

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