Target A New Day OTK Boots:  Finally, I found some over the knee boots that are vegan-friendly, under $50 and fit!! I’m 5’10 so they hit just above my knees. I find the fit very comfortable and super flattering.  They are currently on sale for just $32!! Although the regular price of $39.99 is pretty amazing still

MyBevi water bottle: I picked this up at Target after the previous water bottle I bought turned out to be a fail. I love it! I mostly use this one at home but I really like drinking out of it and it’s easy to clean. I like that the water doesn’t come out super fast and it keeps it cold. My 2 year old likes drinking from it too. It’s only $10!

Earthly Good Night Lotion: I’ve been using this on my son in the evenings to help with sleep and it does seem to help.  It smells AMAZING.

You Are a Badass at Making Money: I actually started this book over the Summer but recently sat down and starting doing all of the exercises in it. It’s the best “money mindset” book I’ve come across and I’m always recommending it to people! My parents also really enjoyed it.  I also have Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass book and love that as well

NYR Organic Aromatherapy Remedies to Roll “Night Time“: This is a product I’ve been using to help ME sleep lately.  I’ve been so restless lately but this really does help!  I keep it right by my bed so when I wake up at like 4 am and am struggling to get back to sleep, I can easily grab it and apply.

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