Somehow, I am already 32 weeks pregnant. Um, what?! Second trimester always seems to fly by! I think even more so this time because it was Summer so I was extra busy!

I’ve now reached that uncomfortable stage and it’s getting hard to sleep at night but still, overall, I think I have pretty great pregnancies and I’m very thankful for that!

I thought I’d do a recap of my second trimester outfits. I’m not great about remember to get outfit pics these days but I try because I really do love dressing the bump!

I think pregnancy can free you from a lot of body image issues (I know it did for me last time). I definitely find I feel extra confident in my clothes when pregnant and I think it’s because I embrace my body so fully! I’m not trying to “hide” anything.  Not to say that I don’t embrace my body when not pregnant (I do!) but I have to make more of a conscious choice to be kind to myself (always) and never pick myself apart in the mirror (like I used to).

Onto the outfits! These are from July/August.


Target shirt (exact on sale for $15!), Suzy Shier dress (similar), Target shoes (similar)

Target kimono (similar), Target maternity shorts (exact), Target sandals (exact), Target top (exact)

Target top (similar), Target shorts (exact), Forever 21 shoes (similar)

Caslon sweater (exact on sale for $30!), Zella leggings (exact)

BP cardigan (exact), Target tshirt (exact), Target maternity leggings (exact)

Dreamers by Debut sweater (cardigan version), Zella leggings (exact)


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