I was recently in Target, as usual, trying on a bunch of clothes and thought it’d be fun to share here!  I’m excited to see Fall stuff hitting stores although I’m really limiting what I buy since I’m pregnant.

Some of these items are maternity but some are not!  So this post isn’t just for my pregnant ladies.

Oh and Beckett woke up from a nap right as I was starting to try things on so he was pretty unhappy at first… as you can see. hahah #badmom

For reference I’m 5’10, DD chest and normally wear a size 6 or 8.

This top is so cute and I’m still tempted to go back and buy it! I love the choker detail and while it’s not maternity, it’s super bump friendly! I often find tops short on me but this one was a great length.  I normally don’t gravitate towards brown (in fact I don’t think I have any brown in my wardrobe besides shoes…) but this would transition into Fall SO beautifully!! I can see it wirth shorts but I can also see it with jeans and booties!

I hadn’t been very impressed with Target’s maternity selections this time around but they recently launched a new line called Isabel Maternity by Isabel & Ingrid and I LOVE it!! It’s very on trend and I find the quality and fit better. How cute are these jeans?? They were a nice thickness, including the belly band part, and I didn’t feel like they’d be falling down!  For now I’m resisting them because I’m trying to stick to my two pairs of jeans but if they go on sale…  Wait! I just noticed they are on sale now haha

Here’s a cute shorter kimono look. It also comes in white and black but I thought this plum colour was really pretty. Definitely a great piece to throw on with some basics and instantly feel more “put together”.  It’s lightweight so wear it now and as the weather cools down!

Love this kimono!! If they’d had it in the smaller size I would have bought it. I really love this mustard yellow for Fall. Not exactly a piece for cold days if you’re going to be outside but an easy one to throw on indoors and jazz up your outfit. I thought the ties on the side were a nice detail too.

Another Isabel Maternity item. You guys, I love this top so much and think it’s a fun way to add plaid to your wardrobe but it has no stretch and sadly I could not move my arms around properly which is kind of a must for me haha So bummed!

This one is Isabel Maternity as well. I know cutout shoulders and ruffles are a big trend this year and I did like that part.  Unfortunately the fit of this top just wasn’t flattering on me. I felt like a speckled black marshmallow.


Oh there’s angry Beckett again!  This is an awesome longer length sweatshirt from Isabel Maternity. If I didn’t already have two grey sweatshirts I may have bought it. I liked the ruching and the sleeves were a great length.

These are not maternity and were the one item I couldn’t say no to!  SOFTEST PANTS EVER.  Seriously! I was amazed that they were long enough for me and they were bump-friendly! They don’t dig into my stomach which is great. I see myself wearing them a lot post-partum too. Sadly, I can’t find them online!!


Speaking of the Ingrid Maternity line, these leggings and these joggers are AMAZING.  I have and love both!! Very soft and great fit.Oh and I have this dress and it’s very comfortable and SO flattering plus you can easily dress it up or down! I’m thinking about getting the tank top version too- both are 20% off right now!


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2 thoughts on “Target Fitting Room Try Ons (26 Weeks Pregnant)

  1. You are beautiful!!! xo xo Love catching up on your blogs xo

    Posted on August 19, 2017 at 2:49 am
    1. Aw, thank you so much!

      Posted on August 21, 2017 at 4:46 pm