1. High Powered Blender – Personally I have a refurbished Vitamix and I LOVE it! I use it at least once a day. It doesn’t completely replace a food processor but for smoothies it can’t be beat.
  2. Essential Oils – I’ve linked to NYR Organic since I represent them but there are lots of great companies out there. No, there is not ONE company you must buy from or that has the “best essential oils”. There’s unfortunately a lot of falsehoods and exaggerations out there when it comes to essential oils.  Still, they are a must have for me. I use them to make my home smell good, to clean, to treat ailments and more (no I do not digest them). Safety is very important but I do think everyone can benefit from using essential oils and recommend giving them a try!
  3. Magnesium – You can get this as bath salts, a supplement, oil, drink powder… Lots of options! It’s a supplement I always feel better taking, especially when pregnant. It’s great for energy and metabolism! You of course want to make sure that you are first and foremost getting it from whole food sources like oatmeal, almonds and spinach!
  4. Vinegar & Fermented Food/Drinks – You’ve probably heard of drinking apple cider vinegar in your water and all of the health benefits that come with it, right? It’s pretty great.  But I also love fermented drinks like kombucha!  I’ve even brewed my own. It’s a tasty, healthy drink with health benefits like probiotics (important for a healthy gut which affects EVERYTHING!).
  5. Journaling – I believe journaling is key to better mental health whether it’s 5min a day or an hour a day.  You can really journal about anything!  Just the process of getting thoughts down on paper can be so healing and stress relieving. I linked to the 5 Minute Journal in case you’re wanting to get started!
  6. Affirmation Cards – Ooh another great one for mental health!  I know not everyone likes the “super positive crap” but there are so many different types of affirmation cards that you can probably find something that resonates with you!  They can be a great comfort as well as motivator. Generally they have one sentence aimed to give you guidance in some way- how you interpret it is really up to you! If you don’t think you’re a fan, try these.  Louise Hay is Queen of affirmations so these are great. I also love Gabrielle Bernstein’s affirmation cards.
  7. Tea – I feel like tea does not get enough love in our coffee-obsessed society!  Herbal teas are full of health benefits and I love how there’s a different blend for pretty much any issue you have! I have period tea, pregnancy tea, sleep tea, , matcha, immune boost, many more.
  8. Seeds (specifically chia, hemp and flax) – I always keep a bunch of seeds on hand! They are an easy way to get in some extra nutrients. Chia seeds are a great source of omega 3’s; I add them to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, make chia puddings etc Hemp seeds contain protein and are great in smoothies or sprinkled on top of salads. Flax I buy ground (called flaxmeal) and store it in my freeze then use it as an egg replacer when baking or to add to smoothies because it’s high in fiber. I love that you only need a little bit to really reap the benefits of these amazing seeds!
  9. Clay Masks – I’m a bit of a mask junkie and clay masks are by far my favourite.  They actually pull toxins out of your skin!! I love  this one for oily or combo skin or I’ll use Aztec Healing Clay and make my own!
  10. Coconut Oil – Okay this is kind of a given but coconut oil just has so so many uses that I can’t not include it. I ALAWYS have coconut oil in hand- I actually buy it by the gallon! You can use it as makeup remover, as homemade deodorant, for cooking, for baby diaper rashes, for hair masks and on and on.  Yes it is a saturated fat but studies have continuously shown it to be beneficial to your health so don’t be afraid to consume it!


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