The big yearly Amazon Prime Day sale is here!! This is actually my first year shopping it (I recently joined Prime; handy when you have a new baby) since it’s only for Prime members.  If you aren’t a member, you can always do the trial and cancel afterwards at no cost… and still get to shop this sale!


  1.  Instant Pot 8 Quart on sale for $90 (reg $130). This is the main reason I wanted to shop this sale. I missed out last year and of course have been wanting one ever since! It cooks things super fast which is great for moms! I started a vegan Pinterest board for instant pot recipes here.
  2.  Clothing steamer is another item I noticed was on sale last year and has great reviews. For $20 I decided to order it. I really never iron, I find it such a pain in the butt, but of course I have some clothes that wrinkle easily so hopefully this will be an easier solution! I love that it’s travel friendly too since that’s often when you end up with very wrinkled clothes!
  3.  Reusable Food Pouches have been on my baby registry since before my first baby! I didn’t make a ton of baby food because we did baby led weaning but for traveling (especially when my son was a year old), pouches were SO handy so I love the idea of making my own! With these, there is a zipper that opens so that they are easy to fill yourself rather than having to buy some special tool.
  4.  Wooden Activity Cube is another item I wanted to get my son but couldn’t quite justify the price. However, I think for the second baby it’d be great because it’s something both kids can play with. Beckett still likes these! I always prefer to buy wooden toys when I can.
  5.  Bentgo Children’s Lunch Box is one I see parent’s raving about all the time!! My son is still a bit young to really need it though so I think I may wait. You can save $10 on it right now though!
  6.  Alva Cloth Diapers will be on sale, less $40 for 6 with tons of pattern options. I would like to add some more diapers to my collection before new baby arrives and I actually love the Alva diapers I have!  If you do cloth diaper, I highly recommend getting a diaper sprayer + shield (both on sale!!).
  7.  Glass Water Bottles are my jam and I’ve been wanting an Ello one. Grab this one for $13!


There are also a few items I own (or similar to) that I HIGHLY recommend such at the Vitamix (I use it every day!!), ErgoBaby carrier and my favourite self tanner!



Okay, I ended up snagging a couple more deals than originally planned. haha The sale is just so good!! I ended up getting this maternity belt (I’ve never worn one before but am hoping it will help with lower back pain as my pregnancy progresses), Video Baby Monitor (I didn’t have one with my first but decided to get one now that baby #2 is on the way since I don’t *plan* on co-sleeping with both at the same time haha) and the Fire HD 8 Tablet! It’s only $50 (reg $80) for the 16gb and since I have Prime now I can watch a lot more things on it. I currently use my phone as an e-reader but it’ll be nice to have something a bit bigger.


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