In case you’re not familiar with Pacifica, it’s a natural, vegan, cruelty free beauty brand that is very affordable! You can find it online at places like VitaCost, Target and Ulta as well as in some grocery stores.

They carry a lot of products from makeup to skincare to now sun care!  I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites below (although I’ve seen bought this lip balm and LOVE it so it should really be included too).

Natural Eye Pencil in “Jet”: This is currently my favourite eye liner. It applies so well! The black is very opaque and works great on the waterline. I like it just as much as my 100% Pure eye liner but it’s less than half the price. I do also have it in “Fringe” which I like although it’s not as opaque.  This goes for $11.

Coconut Milk & Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipes: I decided to try these because 1: they had great reviews and 2: I often forget to put deodorant on so I keep this in my diaper bag in case I’m out and realize I’m a bit smelly. haha I use NYR Organic Roll On Deodorant each morning and love it but these are a bit more travel friendly. I wouldn’t say they work AS well but I was actually pretty impressed that they can often last all day.  They apply kind of like a wet wipe and would be great in a gym or beach bag.  This pack is just $9!

Tuscan Blood Orange Roll On Perfume:  This isn’t a perfume that lasts ALL day but I love the scent and the fact that Pacifica uses essential and natural oils. This is an easy one to keep in your bag for touch ups too!  Only $12 and it lasts a long time!

Mystical Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette: This is such a great palette! The colours are very smooth and pigmented and there isn’t a lot of fall out when you apply them. I haven’t had any of them break and find they travel pretty well.  Just $14 for 4 eye shadows.

Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Face Mask: I’m normally more of a clay mask kind of girl but when I feel like something different, I often reach for this (although this is my favourite).  My skin seems to enjoy it! I love that they use Ayurvedic herbs in this one.  $15.

Devocean Natural Lipstick in “Firebird”:  I love this lipstick! It’s easy to apply and feels like a lip balm. This is more of an orange red than a blue red, which I happen to like. It’s long lasting although not smudge proof.  If you tend to like tinted balms, you’ll probably love this! The colour pay off is great but it’s still comfortable to wear. $10.


Have you tried any Pacifica products? What are your favourites?


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