Last pregnancy, I was pregnant from Aug-May… This time I’ll be pregnant from Feb-Nov! Totally different time of the year! First trimester we were still dealing with a lot of cold, Winter weather but now we’re starting to have some hotter days. Second trimester will be during Summer which I love because I can wear lots of dresses and skirts!

13 weeks
Old Navy top, Target shorts (similar) + sneakers (similar)

Every season, I pour through Pinterest pictures to get a visual of what I want to be wearing for those few months. It helps me figure out what items I want to add to my wardrobe and how I can wear what I already own in new ways! I used to just buy a bunch of new clothes, all of the time, and end up having a lot of stuff that didn’t get worn! I hate that feeling of waste! It’s what drew me to capsule wardrobes and minimalism. I don’t follow any hard set rules when it comes to shopping other than the fact that I only want items that I LOVE or that serve a real purpose!

For maternity, it’s really no different for me. I look at what items I wear the most and see which ones I should purchase in maternity sizes vs non maternity.  My style really doesn’t change much although there are some looks that I prefer with a bump (like body con dresses!) and so I’ll wear those a bit more.  I try not to shop first trimester because a: there’s no bump and b: everything feels uncomfortable anyway  but come second trimester I start figuring out what my maternity wardrobe should look like! If I do shop first trimester, I make sure to buy my regular size and that there’s room for a bump (although realistically, not a lot of maternity stuff fits third trimester haha).

I know some people like to avoid buying maternity clothes because it feels like a waste of money but honestly, being comfortable and feeling confident in my clothes is really important to me so if that means buying maternity clothes then I absolutely will! Heck, I bought a pair of maternity shorts at just 12 weeks this time around! haha I try to stick to the basics or at least items I know will get a lot of wear and perhaps work for multiple seasons.  I tend to wear a lot of oversized tops and so many of those while not maternity definitely do work while I’m pregnant.  Personally I prefer to buy maternity clothes rather than sizing up in regular clothes.  If I’m buying non-maternity clothes while pregnant I prefer to stick to my usual size in hopes that they’ll fit post-pregnancy too. Of course, it can be hard to know what size you’ll be after the baby comes out!  Last pregnancy I was at a higher weight starting out… so going into this pregnancy I’m 1-2 sizes smaller (which means none of the maternity clothes I bought last time really fit this time!).

14 weeks
Old Navy jacket, Target pants and sandals (similar), BP top

Here are some Pinterest images I gathered that show the look I want for Spring/Summer.  My style tends to be quite casual, a bit sporty with a lot of neutral colors, stripes and some florals.  These are clothes that I KNOW I feel good in and it makes getting dressed in the morning so easy! If you’re struggling to find “your style”, start a Pinterest board and just start pinning what you like! Then you have to delete what you won’t actually wear. haha Seriously! There are tons of clothes I love the look of but realistically, I don’t really wear… so I had to stop buying that stuff or at least really limit it. I’m always really drawn to boho looks in the Spring/Summer but I make a point to find pieces that will fit into my wardrobe rather than compete with it.

So as you can see my Spring/Summer wardrobe will include a green utility vest, denim jacket, white denim, midi dresses, pencil skirts, high waist a-line skirts, graphic tees, off the shoulder tops/dresses, baseball caps, sneakers, striped tops… Pretty easy! Most of this stuff I already own but I would love to add a maxi dress and fedora of some sort! Pretty easy, right?


I’ll share my pregnancy clothing purchases thus far in an upcoming post along with my “must haves” but I’m curious,  what is your approach to maternity style?

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