We made the FB announcement on Easter ūüėČ

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This post is a little late seeing as I announced this on social media weeks ago but… ¬†We’re expecting baby #2 in November!!

We’re so excited! Cannot wait to have another little bebe in my arms and for our son, Beckett, to have a sibling. He’s VERY curious about babies right now and is so sweet with them. I worry a bit that he’ll get jealous (he gets very possessive of me even with my husband!) but lately that worry seems to be slipping away and instead I’m just excited to see them interact together.

So I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant! You may remember Beckett’s birth story, I had him when we were living in Southern California, at Babies in Bloom Birth Center. Amazing experience. I knew I wanted to use a midwife again this time but that I wanted to try for a home birth! So I found a great midwifery practice in Portland that will do a home birth with me. ¬†Exciting!!

Physically, this pregnancy has been SO similar to my last although I do feel a bit more tired (probably because I’m chasing a toddler around haha). My cravings are the same too. ¬†What I do find different, is what I find myself thinking about. With the first pregnancy I was obsessed with the changes my body was going through and the kind of labour I wanted…. I wondered what giving birth would really be like! ¬†Well, now that I “know” (it could be quite different this time around, of course), I don’t find myself thinking about that as much. ¬†I don’t really plan on doing anything differently. ¬†Instead, I find myself thinking about what life will be like as a mom of two!! ¬†Not going to lie, during first trimester I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at that thought! ¬†My son will be 2 1/2 when the new baby arrives and I just know it’ll be quite different than having just ONE…. ¬†That said, the more time that passes the more I feel excited and not worried. ¬†Sure, it’ll be challenging (it always is) but it will also be all the more rewarding! ¬†¬†I also spent a LOT of time figuring out what to buy which this time I don’t have to do as much- curious to hear what your “second baby must haves” are though!

I’ll definitely be doing some pregnancy updates here! I know I haven’t been blogging much lately, I seem to go through phases with it… ¬†but I do have a bunch of posts planned! ¬†Traveling with a toddler, maternity wardrobe, what I eat while pregnant etc

Old Navy denim jacket (old) – similar
Target baseball cap – here
Target maternity shorts – here (I also bought the denim pair because the fit is perfection!!)
Target sandals (old) – similar
Socialite top from Nordstrom Рhere

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