It has been a while since my last outfit catch up post! Winter is just an off season for taking pictures of your outfit, I think.  It’s cold outside, there’s less good lighting and you can only see me in leggings and a cardigan so many times before you get bored. 😉

Today the sun was out and it was 55F so perhaps knowing Spring is coming has me feeling inspired to do one of these posts! I was starting to feel a bit bleh about my “Winter Wardrobe” so I bought a few new items for Spring and voila! Feeling excited about getting dressed in the morning again.

This is just really accurate because I’ve been wearing leggings so much lately (see below) hahah

Old Navy top (similar), American Eagle jeggings (similar on sale for $20)

Old Navy jacket (similar) + top, ASOS jeans

Old Navy pants (only $12!) + sweater + ankle boots (similar)

Blank NYC jacket (on sale!), Fabletics Lizette leggings (OBSESSED!)

This wasn’t actually an outfit but I finally (I ordered it in January!) got this Blank NYC faux leather jacket in the mail and was trying to decide if I wanted to keep it or not! I wish it were a tiny bit longer in the back but decided to keep it because it’s so comfortable and overall the fit is great! Plus it doesn’t look “cheap”.

Like I said, lots of leggings…. All about athleisure lately!

Old Navy leggings (similar here and here) + sweater (similar only $15), Target shirt

His face!

Old Navy trench coat + boots, BP top (similar one that’s super cute), ASOS jeans (similar high waist pair)

Another “try on” pic. Kept this top plus ordered it in black and a size smaller. ha!

BP top (only $22) + leggings (on sale for less than $20!)

Old Navy top (similar) + boots (similar), Articles of Society jeans, old sweater (similar), Target hat

Blank NYC jacket (on sale!), Lush top (so soft!), AE jeggings, Old Navy boots (similar)

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