Since I tend to get a lot of questions about what I eat (and where to get the recipes), I thought I’d start a new series called “What This Wellness Coach Eats” where you can see what I ate in a day. As you probably know, I follow a vegan diet and have for over 5 years. It makes me feel amazing! It’s tough in the beginning because it’s so foreign but once you get the hang of it, it really does become second nature.



I do not count calories or macros but instead, listen to what my body needs and try to eat a wide variety of plants. I limit my processed foods, sugar and caffeine intake.  I love fruit, veggies and whole grains but definitely have a sweet tooth when it comes to dark chocolate and baking!

I happily promote adding more plants into your diet! I know vegan isn’t for everyone but I think most people can really gain from cutting back on animal products and eating more plants… of course quality really matters!  I think it’s important to know WHAT you are eating and WHY…  and how it makes you really FEEL!

That all said, this is what I eat and what works for ME. What works for you will be different! It’s different for everyone! So I hope that I can inspire you to eat more plants, try new recipes etc but by no means am I saying “you must eat like me in order to be healthy”- nope!

Okay, enough chat…


Here’s What This Wellness Coach Eats recently:
 I always begin my morning with a glass of water with ACV or lemon… sometimes both!  It hydrates me, balances my pH levels, fights colds, balances blood sugar levels, pulls toxins from my body and so much more! It’s a great healthy habit to get into. Do I forget sometimes? Yup.  But that’s okay, haha.

 Oatmeal is my go to most mornings especially during these colder months. It’s easy, full of nutrients, keeps me satisfied for a while and the options for flavoring are pretty endless! Here I cooked it with chai seeds and water then topped it with walnuts, banana, nut butter and some homemade sugar free coconut whip (just coconut + stevia).  My coffee has a little of the coco whip plus MCT oil (great for optimal brain function- I really do notice a difference when I have it!)

Afternoons usually include a smoothie. This one is berries, water, banana, chia seeds, hemp powder and topped with some goji berries and unsweetened coconut. Sometimes I add some Nutiva superfoods powder to get in probiotics, greens, superfoods and protein

 This homemade soup is SO easy. It’s from this kid friendly cookbook by Ruby Roth (highly recommend if you have kids or want simple healthy vegan recipes!). It’s just veg broth, onion, tomato and spices I think.  Very flavorful though!  I had it with 1/2 a quesadilla made with an organic tortilla (avoid those GMOs!), pinto beans, homemade cashew cheese (the best recipe!) and hemp seeds.

 I do love to have something sweet most days and my go to is usually something I’ve baked…and dark chocolate! These are my chickpea chocolate chip cookies that are so so good! Get the recipe here <– you won’t regret it!  And no, I did not eat all of these at once (tempting) haha

 I also love to have some tea in the evening or sometimes I’ll do a magnesium drink.  Here I had this Yogi tea that is great for when you are menstruating! Fennel and ginger can really help with menstrual pain (I have a whole post on this topic coming up!). It’s quite yummy and helps me relax before bed.

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