I always say that wellness (and health) is a journey; it’s not about a destination.  So while I consider myself to be a healthy person, I am always looking to improve and grow!  For me healthy and wellness isn’t so much about what I weight or the exercise I do or even just the food I eat… it’s about how I feel overall! And that is something that is always going to take work.
I didn’t make any big drastic changes in 2016 but every small thing I did definitely added up! I was still vegan, still breastfeeding, still working out sporadically (haha) and cooking a lot. My husband started a new job at the end of 2015 and he works a LOT so he isn’t home for very many meals.  So that and the fact that my son now eats regular meals (not just boob milk) were the biggest changes (outside of my control).  
And that’s the thing, life is always changing so we are always having to adapt!  You have to be flexible.  I see some people who are so strict and set in their ways when it comes to health that the moment something disrupts their normality, chaos ensues!  I like to be a little more go with the flow.  My balance is not set in concrete; it leaves room for ups and downs and whatever life throws my way!
In 2016 I…
Surrounded myself with inspiring people online (blogs, snapchat, instagram, FB groups, mastermind groups)
Most of us, myself included, spend a lot of time online.  I read blogs, scroll Facebook, look through Instagram, visit Snapchat…  So I started paying more attention to WHO I was following.  I’d ask myself what I felt when I saw that person’s latest gram or recent Snap-  Did I feel inspired, encouraged, motivated, positive?  Or did I feel envious, less than, discouraged, judged, negative? If it was the latter, I unfollowed.   It’s easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to people’s “online lives” but you have to remember that what you see is only a small part of the person’s life! IT’s also only the part they are choosing to share! So I made sure to keep that in mind as well.  As a result, I follow so many amazing people who make me want to be the best version of MYSELF and I no longer sink to comparison or envy.
Broke up with the scale
I ditched the scale in January 2016 and really never looked back. I stepped on one a few times through out the year and my weight never changed much. Currently I haven’t stepped on one in 3 months. But you know, you can generally tell if you’ve gained or lost weight just by how your clothes are fitting! What I love about not “knowing” my weight is that is encourages me to focus more on how I feel. It’s easy to get caught up in “numbers” but really, what the scale tells me says nothing about how awesome I am *wink*

Became more mindful of my sugar intake
No, I did not cut out sugar or even all refined sugar but I definitely became more mindful of it. I cut back especially on refined sugar, read up on what sugar was “best and worst”, experimented with other sweeteners like Stevia and paid attention to how my body felt.  I love to bake and so I do fit that into my diet and lifestyle but it’s all about balance! I also make a point to add in extra nutrients where I can and choose quality ingredients.  I don’t think the most drastic action is always the best. There ARE plenty of things I avoid 100% (I am vegan after all!) but with sugar, I practice moderation and balance.
Cut back on vegan meats/cheeses
Ah, I think I have my son to thank for this! I didn’t really want to be feeding him much processed food so it encouraged me to cut back as well. Now we eat a lot of beans, legumes etc!  I even started making my own vegan meats like sausage!  It’s always nice to be able to control exactly what you put in your food! I also love making vegan cheeses! It’s amazing what you can make with cashews and tapioca starch! I treat myself to vegan meats and cheeses sometimes but it’s not something I have on a regular basis anymore and I really do feel better for it.  Tip: When you remove a food or cut back on on something, make sure you have a variety of ways to replace it! That way you won’t feel deprived.
Made self care a must
Self care was pretty easy for me before motherhood, I’ll admit.  I had plenty of time to myself!  I was often the priority!  These days it can be more of a challenge but this past year I really made sure it happened.  I find little things every day whether it’s making a turmeric latte I love or reading a fun book.  I also try to plan ahead to take a hot bath, get my hair cut or grab a coffee at the mall. It’s definitely still a work in progress though!  I should really plan more things away from my little one (working on that this year!) but still, I know how important it is to make time for yourself, to take care of yourself, especially as a mom.  If you don’t, you end up feeling SO depleted.  –> You can get that Self Care 101 workbook here.
Asked for help
One of the first things I did was joined a business program (Hello Life Academy)! HUGE step forward for me, not just for my business but even on a more personal note. Investing in yourself is incredible. It feels so so good. I also hired a babysitter. She only comes once a week for a couple hours but it was something I knew I needed to do. I work from home so I’m constantly balancing finding time to work and quality time with my toddler- having a babysitter come over gives me a chance to work while my son still gets to play and socialize!  But asking for help can be really hard!  It’s definitely not something that comes easily for me but I’m getting better at it. Like so many things, once you start doing it… it gets easier to do it more and more.  This year I am also looking to hire an assistant and house cleaner!

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