Beckett is obviously too young to say what he really wants for Christmas but I think I have a pretty good idea!  The items below are all from “his wishlist” aka the one I created on Elfster (super handy website btw) based on what I know he likes!




Vegan Cookbook by Ruby Roth:   B loves being in the kitchen and watching me cook. He already wants to help as much as possible!  So I think this cookbook would be fun for both of us.

Life on Earth Tot Tower:  Dude loves to stack! He has some smaller blocks but nothing like this. I love how high these can be stacked and the pictures will be helpful for teaching him words.

Mega Blocks Raceway:  B was given a set of Mega Blocks last Christmas and he plays with them every day! He had a set that comes with a car and he just loves stacking the blocks on the car. I love that these are easy to put together and pull apart. Plus they are big so unlike Lego, they don’t hurt if I step on them (or at least stepping on them is easier to avoid!).  I think he’d really enjoy this set so I may have to add it!

Blender & Food Play Set: This is one toy that my husband and I agreed we HAVE to get Beckett this year.  He is obsessed with blenders to the point where he know plays with my Vitamix. Don’t worry, he can’t get the lid off and doesn’t reach his hand inside (I watch him) and it is obviously unplugged so he’s safe… but still, that’s like a $300 “toy”.  I’d much rather him play with an actual pretend blender!  I looked at a few and this one looks the best to me since the blades move and it makes sounds!  Fingers crossed he will like it as much as the real thing…

Goodnight Moon book:  I’ve flipped through this but haven’t yet bought it! Sweet story that has a nice rhythm to it, making it an extra good bedtime story.  Beckett actually quite likes books with more words… this is one of his favorites.

Button Up Pajama Set:  Okay maybe B wouldn’t actually ask me for PJs for Christmas, I don’t know, but I recently got him these and they are SO darling. It was his first set in this style and I die of cuteness every time I see him in them!


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