As a wellness coach, I believe in making your health a priority all year round even during the Christmas holidays.  I know for many people that can feel like a real struggle.  Maybe you feel like that would mean missing out on things or that it’d be a huge inconvenience.  Hey, I get that!  I remember when I used to think that too.  But you know what I’ve found?  A healthy lifestyle isn’t about missing out or being inconvenient, it’s about taking care of yourself, nourishing yourself, in ways that feel right to YOU and work for YOUR LIFE.

If you want to be able to eat pie, you can totally do that and still be healthy!  Maybe you cut back on sugar elsewhere or add in more greens.  Your healthy lifestyle should be adjustable. It’s not set in stone. There aren’t rules you have to follow.  Am I eating cookies and drinking (vegan) eggnog this month? Heck yeah!  But I’m also making fresh veggie juice/smoothies, eating more fermented foods and making sure I’m working out regularly!  Balance!




Health should feel good, not limiting or inconvenient but you have to find what works for you. What makes you feel really good?  What do you have time for?  What can you afford?  What can you indulge in without feeling guilty or sick later?

If you can make your health a priority in December, you can do it ANY time. Check out this free video I made on How to Lose Weight During the Holidays (and still enjoy yourself!) because it is all about being healthy year round.


wellness giveaway prizes

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I’m giving away a bunch of wellness-related goodies to pamper you, treat you and get you thinking about your health now (why wait until January??)

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Healthy Holidays Giveaway


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