Month: December 2016


It’s no secret that vegan-friendly products are the rise! More and more people are turning to plant based products whether it’s for health reasons, the environment or for animal-rights.  One product that I’ve really seen explode is vegan eggnog!  There are SO many options now!  So I decided to try a few (okay, five) to see which one was the BEST!

I always liked eggnog growing up although I often thinned it out with some regular milk because it was SO thick.  

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Beckett is obviously too young to say what he really wants for Christmas but I think I have a pretty good idea!  The items below are all from “his wishlist” aka the one I created on Elfster (super handy website btw) based on what I know he likes!




Vegan Cookbook by Ruby Roth:   B loves being in the kitchen and watching me cook.

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As a wellness coach, I believe in making your health a priority all year round even during the Christmas holidays.  I know for many people that can feel like a real struggle.  Maybe you feel like that would mean missing out on things or that it’d be a huge inconvenience.  Hey, I get that!  I remember when I used to think that too.  But you know what I’ve found?  

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