These are some of my top picks for vegan gifts this year- all items I have and LOVE! They are vegan-friendly but really, I think anyone would enjoy receiving them (vegan or not!).



100% Pure Pretty Naked eyeshadow palette:  I LOVE this eyeshadow palette!  The colors are pigmented and apply beautifully plus they are full of good for you ingredients.  I always travel with this palette and honestly find myself reaching for it every day.  It comes with a highlight, blush and three eyeshadow shades (tip: the blush and highlighter look great on your eyes as well!).  There are 3 other palettes that also look amazing (I also have this one and again, I use it a ton!!).  The packaging is also good quality and I’ve never had any shadows break or any issues with taking these palettes places!

Midori Spring Matcha powder:  I love matcha green tea powder (to make lattes with especially) and this has been my favorite so far.  Great taste, bright colour (if it’s not bright, it’s not high quality!) and high quality.  It’s also affordable, yay!  Great healthy gift for anyone but especially someone who is trying to break a coffee addiction because this stuff has the caffeine without the crash + tons of health benefits.

Vegan Cuts 14k animal bracelet:  Okay I don’t have this bracelet but but I have a smilier necklace and both are so dang cute! I feel proud when I wear it mine and love that it works for every day wear.  Great gift for any animal lover… of any age!  Did I mention these are only $13? Yeah! Oh and make sure you browse this site because EVERYTHING is vegan and there are so so many awesome gift ideas.

Vitamix blender: Okay this is a pricier gift but worth every single penny! I use mine multiple times a day. I actually bought it refurbished years ago and haven’t had any problems with it *knock on wood*! This would make an amazing gift… maybe even for yourself? 😉

Pacifica Probiotic Spice face mask: I adore face masks and this is currently one of my favorites. It’s super affordable- I think it’d be a great stocking stuffer! I find it gentle so it should work for a variety of skin types!  I’ve read it’s the very first vegan probiotic skin care product so that’s pretty freakin’ cool.


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