Month: November 2016



These are some of my top picks for vegan gifts this year- all items I have and LOVE! They are vegan-friendly but really, I think anyone would enjoy receiving them (vegan or not!).



100% Pure Pretty Naked eyeshadow palette:  I LOVE this eyeshadow palette!  The colors are pigmented and apply beautifully plus they are full of good for you ingredients.  

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I am a sucker for an easy, natural DIY project so I’m excited to share this one with you guys today.  It’s super duper easy but packed full of benefits!

I’m a big fan of serums…and oils. They are my go to for skin care, for sure. I’ve been using various oils on my skin for years now. I was skeptical at first (I know it’s easy to think that oil would make your skin oily and gross but it’s the opposite I swear!) but they definitely won me over big time.

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I’m back with another baby eats post! I suppose once Beckett turns two I’ll change it to “toddler eats”.  😉

B is currently 1 1/2 years old.  He’s still plant based and generally eats a lot of the same things I eat. We still really limit his sugar intake (besides fruit) but a few bites of coconut ice cream here and there doesn’t bother me.  He recently had a bit of a cold (so did I) but otherwise has been the picture of health!

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