I signed up for Goddess Provisions emails earlier this year and every time I’d see a “sneak peak” of their upcoming or current box I’d be SO tempted to sign up!  But I kept resisting.  I kept telling myself it wasn’t stuff I really “needed”… which okay, technically, that is true.  But sometimes it’s nice to just indulge a little right? Plus the products make for pretty amazing gifts and I do like to have a stockpile of gifts for potential clients, family, friends etc  I love gift giving (love language!).
Last month I did finally sign up and guess what? BLOWN AWAY. I seriously love everything in the box so much!  So yes, I am getting October’s box as well… maybe November’s… I might never cancel! hahah
I thought I’d do a quick review to give you guys an idea of what the Goddess Provisions box includes plus introduce you to some amazing brands.
First, if you don’t know, Goddess Provisions is a monthly subscription box (who doesn’t like those?! no one!) that will “nourish your inner goddess and grow your spiritual practice”. It is $33/month US.  It contains 4-6 full size items including aromatherapy, crystals, tea, superfood snacks etc  If you’re into holistic health and high vibrations… You will love this!!
SEPTEMBER box (Positive Vibes Only) img_2662
Dancing Love Organics: Patchouli oil blend + stone.  This oil smells SO SO good… one of my favorites for sure! It’s a big bottle too. Highly recommend.  I love that they paired it with this stone and there is a lovely affirmation to use for meditation.
Enemy to Fashion: Positive Vibes Only pin.  Very cute!  I don’t really use pins so I may gift this to someone but love the message!
Momoko Therapeutics: Liquid smudge spray.   Obsessed!!  This smells so good!  Way better than just sage. SO easy to use too.
Moon Souls: Pink grapefruit scented crystal soap.  Smells amazing!! I haven’t used it (might gift it) but love everything else about it.
Blue Lotus ChaI: Instant chai tea with turmeric and maca.  Obsessed with this stuff now. It’s super easy to make and tastes delicious… just the right amount of spicy. I really want to try the mint one! This is great for traveling with too.
Blue Sage smudge stick: Great, long lasting smudge stick! I had a hard time getting it to stay burning but appreciated that it had a slow burn. I did my whole house and hardly made a dent in it!
Sodalitle wand: Beautiful crystal, great for communication and speaking your truth. Love the shape!
Overall I loved this box so much that I kept my subscription open so I’d receive the October box as well!  Keep reading to see that…
OCTOBER box (Call in Abundance)
Behatilife Money + Abundance Oil:  Loving this oil!! I’m obviously a sucker for oils, hehe. Love that this has herbs and a crystal in it. It smells wonderful!
Crystal Bar Soap in Enchanting Love: So pretty! Smells nice too. I haven’t used it- will probably gift it!
Moondani Natural Breath Mist: I’ve never used a breath mist before but this is nice! Hard to say if it improves my breath haha but it tastes good! Kinda gives you that minty feeling like you just chewed gum (except I don’t chew gum).
Florapothecarie Chocolate Mud Mask: I’ve already used this a couple times and it is for sure a new fav! Smells amazing (like chocolate) and I love clay masks.
Evolution Salt Tealight Candle Holder: I LOVE my salt lamp so I was excited about this! It definitely doesn’t get as hot or bright as my lamp which makes me wonder if it works as well… but it’s gorgeous! Really nice to have out on display.
Navitas Naturals Superfood Bar:  Tasty! I love this brand. The ingredients didn’t blow me away but overall, a good bar.
Break at Home Geode (not pictured): I broke it into more pieces than I would have liked but it is pretty! I have some pieces displayed in my bathrooms now.
You can also shop some special boxes (not subscriptions) on the Goddess Provision’s shop page.
I recommend also following them on Instagram because they do occasionally have sales!
There are no affiliate links here, guys. I don’t “get” anything from promoting this, I just genuinely loved the boxes and think you guys will as well!

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