Since I reviewed BBG after doing it (read the post here), I figured it made sense to review the 21 Day Fix program after completing it!

21 Day Fix is sold through BeachBody. I’ve done P90X and Insanity before so was not a total stranger to their programs.  21 Day Fix does come with a meal plan and special containers used for food portioning but I did not use that. I ONLY did the workouts. I don’t really agree with their calorie suggestions (there’s a good article on it here which I recently shared on my FB page).

I’ll keep this pretty short and sweet but I LOVED the workout program!  The fact that the workouts were only 30min made it easy for me to stick to them and get them done even with Beckett running around haha I liked that there wasn’t a lot of equipment used and the workouts were all simple to follow.  I worked up a good sweat with most of them and overall felt like I was always getting in a good workout!

There were a lot of modifications available and you could also use heavier weights so I do think this program is good for a variety of people.  I also loved the variety of workouts! No two were the same so even though I was working out every day, it didn’t feel repetitive.

Again, I wasn’t trying to lose weight by doing this program (and I did not. I’ve been the same weight since February).  The before and after below doesn’t show a lot but I definitely gained some muscle and leaned out a bit more.  I took measurements before and after but there were no major changes.

It’s been a few weeks since I finished the first round so I plan on starting a second round on Monday!

 Uh, please excuse the messy bedroom. Why I didn’t tidy up first is beyond me. haha

I don’t share these pictures or even this review to say “WOW look at my transformation!” because you know what?

Often the biggest transformation takes place INSIDE… you may not see in the mirror.

Working out isn’t just about your appearance!  Doing a workout program isn’t just about gaining muscle or losing weight.   You can become mentally strong too.  You can feel better about yourself.  It can show you that yes, you CAN make your health a priority and MAKE the time to take care of yourself.  Working out can simply be another reminder that you are worthy of health and happiness.

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