My coaching style looks at ALL aspects of health from the food you eat (or don't eat) to your relationships (are they dragging you down or lifting you up?) to your job and your stress levels...  all of it!  Every day we make decisions that either better our health and our happiness or don't. So let's work together. Let's figure out what's standing in your way or holding you back, what's going to make you feel your absolute best and how can we make that happen.

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  • If you're ready to...
    - feel amazing in what you wear whether you're at home chasing a toddler around or out for drinks with girl friends
    - embrace and love your body even while making changes to it
    - fall in love with cooking and trying new foods (more plants!)
    - be the example for your children so they grow up knowing what health should look like
    - let go of fears that are holding you back & gain a positive kick-ass mindset

Are you tired of thinking every new diet will be the one to finally work for you?

Are you struggling to lose the "baby weight"
and feeling disconnected from the body you now have?

Do you want to be healthy but aren't sure how to make it happen;
what you've tried just hasn't worked? 

Are you tired of counting calories
and judging your self worth by the numbers on a scale?


Do you feel guilty for over eating and powerless to your cravings?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the conflicting info out there? 

Are you ready to try something different?

To eat in a way that makes you feel nourished, energized and HAPPY?

To intuitively know what is and what isn't right for your unique body?

To eat the foods you want without guilt or shame?

To love what you see in the mirror?

This is for you.

For the mom who is ready to transform her life by committing to becoming a happier and healthier version of herself!

Current Programs

Private Wellness Coaching 

This program is completely customized to YOU and your individual needs.  By working with me privately you will get personalized health advice, guidance and support.

Program includes:

  • Welcome gift
  • Nine 45min coaching calls with me 
  • Weekly check ins
  • Invite to Lifting Lettuce VIP group
  • Access to me, a certified health coach, nutrition therapist and detox specialist
  • Videos, audio downloads, PDFs and eBooks
  • Homework assignments so you can take action and stay on track

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I have a holistic, whole foods, positive mindset, self love approach to health.

 Let me teach you how to listen to and fall in love with your body.


"Sophie is an amazing mom, health coach, and positive role model. She teaches about being healthy and happy at all stages of life and can rock a Facebook live video while wrestling an active toddler. If you have any questions about being vegan, prepping with a family or at home remedies, this lady is the one to speak to. - Lindsay H." 

"Besides being incredibly sweet and warm, this woman knows her food and how to convince toddlers that eating healthy is a good thing. She is also Vegan, and she is the best kind of vegan! You will be cooking her recipes in no time (and not even realize they are not vegan!) - Victoria B." 


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