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I think self care is on a lot of our minds right now, as we are doing our best to stay home and away from other people. There’s a little more focus on not only ourselves but our mental health- self care is so important for mental health (physical too, of course).

If you’re feeling more anxious or stressed or overwhelmed than usual, that is all the more reason to practice self care!

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I always say that wellness (and health) is a journey; it’s not about a destination.  So while I consider myself to be a healthy person, I am always looking to improve and grow!  For me healthy and wellness isn’t so much about what I weight or the exercise I do or even just the food I eat… it’s about how I feel overall! And that is something that is always going to take work.

I didn’t make any big drastic changes in 2016 but every small thing I did definitely added up!
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