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If you have never had buffalo cauliflower wings before, girl, you are in for a treat! Plus this is a great recipe to whip up for non-vegans- guys seem to especially love it! My husband says it’s his favourite “vegan-y meal” I make. haha

If buffalo sauce isn’t your thing, you can keep them plain (that’s what I do for my kids) or do BBQ sauce! Well, really, you can use any sauce you like.

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I love a good non fiction book! I have a whole bookcase dedicated to them on topics ranging from vegan food to holistic health to skincare to parenting to mindset to essential oils!  I’ve always loved to read and it’s one of my favourite ways to gain new knowledge.

Here are five of my favourite books- ones that I find myself recommending to other moms all the time!

  1. WomanCode

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