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The first few months (or longer!) can be an awkward time style-wise.  You’re so excited to wear “regular clothes” again but your body looks drastically different. A lot of your clothes probably don’t even fit! But I am a firm believer in dressing for the body you have not the body you want. What I mean is, wear clothes that fit and make you feel awesome NOW! Don’t wait. Trust me, you will be so much happier if you have clothes you feel good in even if your body isn’t as the weight or size that you want it to be at.

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Fall and Winter are my favourite months to diffuse essential oils! Below I’m sharing some of my favourite blends that you can diffuse and have your home smell like Fall. Great thing about essential oils is not only do you get amazing scents but you also get the health benefits!

Of course, not all oils are safe for everyone!  I have made a point to note which blends are not safe for certain people/ages. 

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I’m back again with another Fall oatmeal recipe! If you missed the last one, you can find it here.  This time we’re focusing on… pumpkin!  Duh!  Everyone loves pumpkin this time of the year, right?


Let’s take a look at the ingredients…

Oats are low calorie yet filling!  They are high in both fiber and protein.  They help stable blood sugar levels thanks to their high levels of magnesium. 

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I turn 30 on July 11! The big 3-0!

Honestly, I’m excited about it.  For the most part I’m really happy with where I am in my life, at this age.  I feel comfortable going into my 30’s and that’s a good feeling.

I always make a wish list for my birthday. Not because I expect gifts but because I like lists. haha This year’s kinda made me chuckle because it’s so grown up. 

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