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Oooh it has been a hot minute since I did one of these posts!

Please note that this is not a post telling you what to eat, this is just me giving you a look into what I ate on one particular day, okay? So no comparing allowed! You do you, boo.  What I do hope this post will do is, well, a few things…

I want you to be inspired to to eat intuitively

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I’ll admit I’ve become one of those “essential oil people” who have them in every room and use them daily. ha! Although, I understand the limits and safety precautions of essential oils (which not everyone seems to, unfortunately!).  They’ve become a very regular part of my life and well as my children’s lives.  At home we diffuse oils pretty regularly (this is my favourite diffuser but this one looks really cool too) and my son asks for his sleepy oil every night.

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