You know when you can’t decide if you want a cookie or a brownie…  I found the solution! Combine both. hehe Make a whole food cookie brownie bar!

These delicious bars have a coconut cookie layer that reminds me a bit of shortbread and then a layer of yummy chewy chocolate brownie. I topped mine with extra coconut but nuts would be good too.

I’m a bit of a dark chocolate addict and yeah, I do have a sweet tooth and nope I don’t try to deny it.  Willpower is a BS term when it comes to food.  Stop thinking that your eating habits are due to lack of willpower- they aren’t.   Cravings MEAN SOMETHING.  They aren’t meant to be ignored and they don’t mean you are somehow weak willed if you give into them.


What your cravings may be trying to tell you:

-> You’re lacking a nutrient or micronutrient. Dark chocolate cravings can sometimes mean you need magnesium, for example.
-> Women are said to have cravings TWICE as often as men. It is a very natural thing for us to have cravings. We all have them!
-> You’re undernourished. Maybe you constantly feel like you’re snacking but you’re never really satisfied?  You might be eating plenty of calories but not enough NUTRIENTS.
-> You’re trying to avoid something or distract yourself. Yep, we often turn to food as a way to put off something else.
-> You’re seeking comfort in some way.  You probably won’t actually find it in food though…  Sometimes food forces us to look inside and find out what we are TRULY craving.
-> You’re eating food chemically designed to be addicting. Companies know that sugar and oils can make you coming back for more!
-> You’re hormones are imbalanced.  I believe in living in sync with your menstrual cycle and supporting your hormones through food, exercise and self care.  This can help reduce symptoms like cravings!  Grab my free ebook on balancing hormones.
-> You’re limiting a macronutrient. Macronutrients are protein, fat and carbs.  We are designed to eat all three and they work well to balance each other out when eaten together.  If you are severely limiting, say carbs, that could be causing a lot cravings. Your body is simply telling you it needs carbs!
-> You’re in your luteal phase where cravings are very common! Eating and living for your cycles can help with this but mindset-wise it’s also helpful to remind yourself that it’s natural to have cravings especially during this time of the month (mainly the week before your period). Grab my free ebook on your menstrual cycle phases.

Those are just some of the things your body might be trying to tell you through feelings of craving.  This is why it’s so important that we connect with our body’s and learn to listen! It’s amazing how much we intuitively know but we get really caught up in all sort of food and dieting “rules”.  Ultimately, YOU KNOW the answers to your cravings.

Alright, on to the recipe!

You’ll start by making and cooking your cookie crust! Make sure to really push it down into the pan.

Then you’ll make the brownie topping! Make sure it’s sticky.

Combine the two and let set in the freezer or fridge!

Slice into bars and enjoy!



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Brownie Layer
Brownie Layer
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  1. Add all ingredients to your food processor and puree until it starts to stick together and form into a ball. If it looks dry, add some of your date water a tbsp at a time. Pour it on top of your cooled cookie base and press down flat. Option to add coconut or nuts on top! Place in the freezer for half an hour then slice. Keep stored in the fridge.
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