You may know that I’m a bit of a crunchy girl. I love using natural, cruelty free, vegan, less toxic products!  I also love a good DIY project. So today I want to share some of the products I use in the shower as well as a simple guide to making body scrubs!  These are all products I’ve been using for YEARS so I definitely feel comfortable recommending them but as always, keep in mind that what works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone else!


Shampoo + Conditioner:  I’ve used a lot of brands over the years but often find myself coming back to Nature’s Gate. I’ve been using these ones for the past year. I am almost out so trying to decide if I want to repurchase or maybe try out this 100% Pure one (amazing ingredients!!).  I have found that using sulfate-free shampoo really helps me!  It seems to irritate my scalp and I was dealing with a lot of oiliness but also dry skin before switching to sulfate-free.

Razor: My husband and I have been using Dollar Shave Club for years and love it! We each have our own razor blade (the 4x) and we get a shipment of blades every 6-8 weeks (more in the Summer when I’m shaving my legs hahah). It’s only $6 a shipment!!  There’s also a $1 options and a $9 option.  Seriously so much better than all of the money I was spending on razor blades before- they are also cruelty free!  My husband uses some of the skincare products as well and really likes them.

Body wash:  I really like Alaffia EveryDay Shea. It’s even safe enough for Beckett to use (I use the bubble bath for him)! I also love the Alaffia EveryDay Coconut.  Another we sometimes buy is Everyone Soap by EO Products. My husband and I tend to share body wash so I buy a pretty big container.  He also likes when it’s multipurpose and can also be used as shampoo (oh, men).  I only really use it to shave, actually.  To wash my body, I prefer a natural soap!

Exfoliating soap: I’m definitely not loyal to any one brand when it comes to this but I look for it to be vegan and made up of natural ingredients- simple is better.  I also love when they contain a natural exfoliant like walnut shells, salt, sugar etc.  Of course if I have my DIY sugar scrub on hand, there’s really no need for both so I pick and choose.  I suggest looking on Etsy for soap, so many great options!  I used a whole bunch from RightSoap on Etsy and LOVED them.

Foot pumice stone:  I use this all year round because it really helps keep my feet looking decent and it’s really quick to use. I really like the natural volcanic rock ones!

Face scrub:  I swear by Acure Brightening Facial Scrub! I don’t need it every day so I keep it in my shower and use it then (I’m a new mom, I don’t shower every day haha).  It’s so so good.  It’s also affordable!  I get mine at Target.

Dry brush: Okay technically I use this before showering but it’s still part of the process. I love to dry brush before I shower! It helps increase blood flow and proper circulation which is great for detoxing, minimizing cellulite and so much more.  Great habit to get into!  I currently use a brush like this but it is a bit rough so I plan on switching to something softer like this one.


Do you have any favorite shower products??

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Now for the DIY project! Don’t worry, it’s super quick and easy!

This is my go to scrub recipe- I also love keeping some by the sink for my hands and even my lips! It’s basic but effective. It sloughs off dead skin while adding in moisturizer so you’ll be amazed at how soft your skin is! I especially love to use it before shaving for a smoother, razor bump free shave.

You can really play around with what oils you use. I wanted to go with something a bit sensual and relaxing so lavender and ylang ylang were obvious picks!  Lavender is amazingly calming and ylang ylang is great for boosting libido! Perfect for Valentine’s Day right?

Speaking of, this scrub also makes for an awesome gift!

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Sugar Body Scrub
Cuisine Vegan
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0
Cuisine Vegan
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0
  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined.
  2. Spoon the mixture into a waterproof container. Make sure it's one that has a wide enough opening for you to scoop the product out with your hands!
  3. You can store it in the shower as long as no moisture gets inside. Try to use dry hands to apply it.
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