Ingredient: coconut sugar

Guys, I have a total weakness for baked goods. Mmm. It’s partially a “comfort” thing because I grew up baking with my mom and sisters. It makes me happy!  My 3 year old already bakes with me all the time. We try to balance making healthier dishes with treats like this though.  He’s not even a big cinnamon roll eater- he just wants the icing and sugar haha

I know I just posted a recipe here the other day but I had to get this recipe up in time for Mother’s Day because there is no treat I’d want more than this one!

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Ah, so excited to share this recipe with you guys!! It’s seriously a new favourite of mine (and my husband’s and my son’s!).

Fist of all, I love to bake and cookies are for sure a favourite! I grew up baking with my mom and sisters so there’s something SO comforting about it to me!  Of course, as a health-conscious person I can’t be eating sugary cookies all day every day but a treat now and then?

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