Ingredient: cinnamon

Guys, I have a total weakness for baked goods. Mmm. It’s partially a “comfort” thing because I grew up baking with my mom and sisters. It makes me happy!  My 3 year old already bakes with me all the time. We try to balance making healthier dishes with treats like this though.  He’s not even a big cinnamon roll eater- he just wants the icing and sugar haha

I know I just posted a recipe here the other day but I had to get this recipe up in time for Mother’s Day because there is no treat I’d want more than this one!

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It has been a while since I shared a recipe here! Beckett and I love to bake together and cookies are always a favourite. Oddly, he really prefers the dough over the actual cookie… but hey, more cookies for me!  This particular recipe is great because it’s packed with more nutrients (and you can easily make it gluten free!). It’s a pretty forgiving recipe… which is important when you’re cooking with a kid because your measuring will never be exact!

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Today I’m sharing the last of my Fall oatmeal recipe series! Make sure you check out the previous two- yum!

Today’s focus is on apples! Think, apple cider but in oatmeal form.  Seriously delicious.

Let’s dive into the ingredients…

Oats are low calorie yet filling!  They are high in both fiber and protein.  They help stable blood sugar levels thanks to their high levels of magnesium. 

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